Eurovision 2020

#LITHUANIA – LIVE BLOG of Pabandom Iš Naujo FINAL #OpenUp at 20:00 CET

Labas vakaras Europa ir labas rytas Australija! This is Vilnius calling! 36 have become 8 – it’s time for the final of Lithuania’s Eurovision selection, Pabandom Iš Naujo!

Sit back and relax, and let Eurovision Ireland’s own James Scanlan entertain and inform you. As always, let me what you’re thinking and give your opinions about tonight’s contestants and songs – I’ll shout out to you if you do!

Tonight’s show comes to us courtesy of LRT. A 50/50 mixture of jury and public voting will pick tonight’s winner, who will become Lithuania’s representative at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this May.

You know the drill: Just refresh this page to get the comments and points of view!

You can watch the live show HERE or on YOUTUBE from 20:00 CET.

Still in with that chance to sing for Lithuania, we have:

  1. Aistė Pilvelytė – Unbreakable
  2. Rūta Loop – We Came From The Sun
  3. KaYra – Alligator
  4. Monika Marija – If I Leave
  5. Meandi – DRIP
  6. THE ROOP – On Fire
  7. The Backs – Fully
  8. Moniqué – Make Me Human


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You’re still very early! Come back later and experience all the fun and games from Lithuania’s Pabandom Iš Naujo!! You won’t want to miss it!

Just under half an hour to go till the final of Pabandom Iš Naujo 2020! I have a rotten cold, so you’ll definitely want to see what I make of these Eurovision hopefuls in my sleep deprived state!! 0__0

Wasn’t fast enough to get a screen grab, but it’s going to be cold in Lithuania tomorrow!!

Here we go!!

Well look who it is! Jurij Veklenko reprising his 2019 entry Run With The Lions. He’s being supported by The Backs, who are taking part in tonight’s selection too.

Just 2 more points and Jurij would have made it to the final. Will this year’s entrant have better luck?

Gabriele and Giedrius, our hosts for tonight – looking very formal!

Tonight’s winner, like in previous weeks, will be selected through a mixture of jury and public vote. We’re currently being introduced to said jury.

There are quite a lot of them, apparently!

Looks like we’re getting on to the songs at last – and first up, it’s one of the fan favourites, Aistė Pilvelytė!

Aistė Pilvelytė – Unbreakable

When I saw Aistė perform during one of the heats, I said it was a song made for Eurovision, and I still stand by that. It’s the kind of upbeat pop number you expect to find in a back-catalogue of Melodifestivalen entries. Aistė starts her number looking towards the back of the stage, while a sea of lit up mobile phones flicker behind her – it’s quite a special moment and she looks and sounds great. If the fan polls are to be believed and she goes to Rotterdam tonight, it would make a fine Eurovision entry!

Rūta Loop – We Came From The Sun

A surprisingly moody and shadowy start for a song about coming from the sun! Eventually joined by two backing dancers that put me in mind of Bilal Hassani, Rūta delivers a very competent performance vocally and the staging is slick. My biggest problem with the performance it that I feel like it’s trying to be quite highbrow and arty, but isn’t quite pulling it off. Musically it’s a bit dull and feels quite repetitive… it’s finished and I couldn’t tell you a single lyric… so feels like it’s not a singalong entry…

Interesting expressions there from our backing dancers…

Who on earth chose the music for each postcard tonight? Each one feels like a prelude to a horror movie 0____0

KaYra – Alligator

Another entry I remember vividly from the heats, kaYra performs with gusto and loves being on that stage. It’s fun, a tad weird, but bright and colourful, feeling like it’s come straight from children’s TV. As a performance, it’s perfect for kids. For the Eurovision stage, I wonder if it’ll come across as too childlike… but then again, I said the same of a certain Dane and her huge chair last year, so what do I know!? Either way, it’s a lot of fun and I’m glad kaYra made it this far.

*backing dancer on the end* ‘sup?

Song #4 up next – we’re already half way through, but supposedly still have 2 hours of transmission left… this bodes well…

Monika Marija – If I Leave

A very soulful and country sounding song from Monika, and I like it! The staging is simple (just her a her band) and lets her voice take centre stage, which regular readers will now I appreciate. My one concern is that Monika is singing with such conviction and emotion, that her eyes are closed for the majority of the performance, which is a big no-no. If this goes to Rotterdam, I’d implore Monika to connect more with the camera, but other than that a great entry!

No idea what the joke was, but Monika seemed to love it!

Our first visit to the judges, discussing what they’ve seen so far… they certainly give very detailed feedback, which is nice!

When I saw someone looking at lemons and apples, I’d assumed we’d moved to an ad break – but it’s the postcard for song #5!

Meandi – DRIP

Oh dear me… everything about this jars me, the colours, the lyrics, the head movements of the backing graphics and that dripping… it’s a bit like having a migraine acted out on stage. I can see why it got to the final, he’s very charismatic and sells the performance well. But I had to stop watching it as the whole thing was giving me motion sickness… ooops…

Rather than go and see what he’s got to say for himself, we’ve gone right into an ad break. Probably for the best 🙂

And we’re back for the interview. And they’re dancing… well, I say dancing…

Now on to song #5… they ran away with the televote in the semi final = can they do it again tonight? 😉

THE ROOP – On Fire

The Roop! The Roop! The Roop is on fire!! Nothing about this song should work, that was my first reaction when I saw it in the heats… but when I realised I was humming it a few hours later, I knew… come on, it’s brilliant! Simple, catchy, ridiculous dance moves… this is what memorable Eurovision entries are made of! I can honestly see this doing a KEiiNO and sweeping a televote easily!

Oh wow… that was the biggest reaction of the night from the arena audience! They clearly have their favourite!

Quand je reve je suis un roi… oops, wrong country!

The Backs – Fully

Sometimes after a bit of a madcap entry you appreciate a more traditional song all the more – or it seems even duller by comparison! Now this quartet have beautiful harmonies and compliment each other beautifully. But it’s very vocals lead and not much of a show, which *can* (not always though!) be a handicap at Eurovision. When the big moment of a performance is taking off your hat, maybe it’s time to re-stage things. But my goodness, what voices!

The girls seem a lot more animated in the interview than on stage – this is the kind of chemistry we need to see during the song!

Our final song tonight – then we move on to voting!

Moniqué – Make Me Human

Now this is interesting! Going for a very literal interpretation of not being human, with Moniqué being plugged in and her vocals being supported by synthed voices… visually and aurally, it’s very strong and there’s a concept running throughout. Vocally, Moniqué is fantastic, no question. The song feels like it needs a bit of a lift, a more noticeable key change or faster tempo… but one of the most sophisticated staging ideas we’ve seen tonight and a great way to wrap up the show!

Does that light mean she’s finished charging?

Back to the jury now for their thoughts on tonight’s hopefuls

Liking this very informal judging panel, doesn’t feel as severe as a group of people glaring at people from behind a table!

Less severe, but no less long winded!

… I’m beginning to see why this show still has another hour, despite all the songs having been performed…

Moving on, we’re having a recap of tonight’s 8 entries – one of them is about to have their Eurovision dreams come true! The question is, who?

And while Lithuania votes, Latvia’s Rotterdam hopeful Samanta Tina is going to perform Still Breathing.

Judging by the reaction in the arena, Latvia and Lithuania will be swapping points in May!

Not sure if this is a word from our sponsors, or an ad break. But we should be getting a result within the next 40 mins or so!

Ah, OK. Think that was an extended advert as we’re back again!

But before those results, an interval act in the form of Jazzu

I’m getting flashbacks to Tamta in Tel Aviv… is it just me?

Almost forgotten why I was listening to this…

Our finalists… don’t they look nervous?

I think we’re about to get one set of votes…

Oh wow… The Roop have run away with the scoreboard there! Almost 3 times the amount of votes as the runner up!

Not once, but twice! They’ve topped the other scoreboard too!

It’s The Roop!!! Woooo!!! So pleased for them!!

What a fantastic result, I’m thrilled!

Thank you for reading along with me tonight, hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Thank you Europe, and good night!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: LRT

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  1. A great blog,as always,I have just caught up with seeing the winning act. It is very Eurovision friendly and will do well in Rotterdam.Agree with you about Meandi,a true horror show,not something you would show the migraine sufferer! 🤮🤢

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