#BIRTHDAY: Hannah Mancini from Slovenia is 40 today

BIRTHDAY: Hannah Mancini from Slovenia is 40 today

It’s false-flagger time. Yeah, we bang on about them, but there are many good reasons for them taking part. The good reasons must surely outdo the bad ones.

Our friends in Slovenia have tried many approaches to our favourite TV show. Drag acts, opera, engaged couples are among the acts we’ve seen from them since 1993. They’ve occasionally also used the false-flaggers, like in 2013. In Malmö, RTV Slovenia sent today’s birthday girl, American-born Hannah Mancini. She’s been a resident of the Alpine republic for many years, so had a valid claim to participating for them. Her own turn on stage wasn’t that illustrious, scoring points only from two other countries. She had more success a year later when she co-wrote her country’s song, which did make the final. Americans in Eurovision? There may be a place for them after all.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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