#BIRTHDAY: Krista Siegfrids from Finland is 35 today

BIRTHDAY: Krista Siegfrids from Finland is 35 today

It’s another contender for Mr/Mrs/Ms/Mx Eurovision today. You know the sort – one of those who crops up at every Eurovision-related opportunity to open something, or present something, or drink something.

These people should be cherished. Luckily, they become the sorts of folk heroes that are warmly welcomed at any event. Today’s contender is birthday girl Kristin ‘Krista’ Siegfrids. You may remember her from 2013, when she flounced around in a wedding dress, looking for her Mr Right. She found him, we’re told, but not at a Eurovision. I also believe she’s single again. Anyhow, she’s been back since, both presenting shows and singing competitive songs. Depending on your perspective, she’s either been making a nuisance of herself or making the most of a sympathetic audience. But even though she made the 2013 Grand Final and finished 24th, she’s done far more than many others from that year.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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