Are #ANDORRA planning a Eurovision comeback!?

Oh Casanova! You read it right! It’s the news that Eurovision fans all over the continent have been waiting and waiting for – after years of showing little interest in coming back to the contest, Andorra have announced plans to return to Eurovision!!!

But before you get your flags ready for Rotterdam, hold your horses – they won’t be coming to the Netherlands – after all, the list of participating countries has already been finalised and Andorra weren’t on there. So what do they mean?

Well, according to Catalan news web portal El Nacional, the Andorran government has confirmed that the principality is planning on returning to Europe’s favourite TV show. The ruling party Demòcrates have stated:

RTVA will return to Eurovision but, before, a cost assessment must be made

This isn’t exactly news, as Andorra often cites economic factors as being a huge part of why they’ve not sung at Eurovision for the last decade. That being said, this appears to be the first time the government in Andorra have hinted towards Eurovision participation. Previously, the head of RTVA Xavier Muhal stated that returning to the contest was unlikely without government support. Does this mean a comeback is finally being considered?

While Andorra last performed on the Eurovision stage in Moscow way back in 2009, public support for them to return to the contest has always been high. Former Andorran Eurovision singers Susanne Georgi, Marian Van de Wal, Jenny and Nick Gain of Anonymous have all expressed interest in seeing Andorra return, while the principality’s tourism office, Andorra Turismo, see it as a way to promote the country on the global stage.

You can read the full article HERE from El Nacional – it’s in Catalan, so run it through Google Translate first. It’s worth mentioning that RTVA have NOT responded to the comments made in El Nacional yet. But even so, it’s tantalizing to say the least!

Would you be happy to see Andorra rejoin the Eurovision family after a long decade sense tu? Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovoix/El Nacional

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