#BIRTHDAY: Tereza from Yugoslavia is 81 today

BIRTHDAY: Tereza from Yugoslavia is 81 today

There’s a term called false-flagging. It’s when you come from one country but do stuff internationally for another. There’s nothing wrong with it, and many Eurovision stars have done such a thing. Maybe even your favourite ever performer.

Today’s birthday girl Tereza Ana Kesovija did the false-flagging thing, even though her country was taking part. The red and white bicolour of Monaco was her flag of convenience, and she didn’t score a single point. Maybe there’s a lesson there. Anyway, six years later when the world had gone more colourful and redeemed herself by singing for Yugoslavia. This time she came ninth – a position some countries would give their right arm for now. And this second attempt was a far better song. As we’ve seen from other performers, age is no barrier to Eurovision, so even Tereza could still come back to sing for a third country. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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