#BIRTHDAY: Maya Sar from Bosnia and Herzegovina is 38 today

BIRTHDAY: Maya Sar from Bosnia and Herzegovina is 38 today

It’s memory Friday today. That is, a song that you may have forgotten about over the years, so it’s about time the dust gets blown off the video and played for your pleasure.

Our friends in Bosnia AND Herzegovina haven’t been around much lately. Eurovision is an expensive business, and often TV companies want to use their money elsewhere – which is perfectly understandable. Their last appearance in a Grand Final was in sunny Baku in 2012, and came from today’s birthday girl Maya Sar (née Maja Sarihodžić). She’d also been seen hanging around Dino Merlin the year before. Anyway, she made the Saturday night bunfight and managed an 18th place. To be fair, most of her points came from the east and south. But that meant she still beat eight other countries. You can probably guess some of them.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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