#LEGO Eurovision 2019 Show Reimagined as LEGO!

Alexandro Kröger and his LEGO models

If you haven’t heard yet about Alexandro Kröger Degerfeldt, you are about to be amazed now.

The 26 year old Eurovision fan from Umeå, Sweden, has an unique hobby – he builds Eurovision stages with legos! This year he amazed yet again the Eurovision community by reimagining the Eurovision 2019 using LEGO pieces and figurines.

According to an interview for escbubble, Alexandro became a fan of the Contest in 2004 and since then he started recreating moments from the show.

Have a look at his work from this year and you’ll definitely be entertained!

If you like Alexandro Kröger’s work, don’t forget to check his instagram page for updates!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Lego Eurovision, ESCBubble, Facebook

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