Eurovision 2019

#TelAvivJournal: Day 6

Day 6 saw a return to normal proceedings here in the Eurovision Bubble. Today we had the pleasure of the first fifteen acts of the first semi final – the remaining two will take to the stage tomorrow morning.

The first nine of the participants was the first time I had witnessed them rehearse – although due to technical reasons, no one saw the Czech Republic. Any highlights? Well Tamta from Cyprus certainly has the raunchiest outfit of the year, although it isn’t likely to be a candidate for the Barbara Dex award. Finland have entered Darude, the world famous DJ – Look Away does absolutely nothing for me, in fact it goes by without any notice to be honest.

Australia have had their CGI graphics sorted by the production crew and everything seems to be looking right now. Sadly for Victor Crone though, camerawork and CGI effects could kill his chance of qualification – which I’d hate to see.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Now I’ve finished work for the day and had time to have a drink or two , I have looked at the clips of the rehearsals you have seen today . Here’s some of my thoughts:
    Belarus…I really disliked this when it won the national final but ZENA has managed somehow to turn this into quite an enjoyable performance , even though it gets a bit repetitive with the ” like it, like it”. Change of clothes was a very wise decision and I think she has a chance of making it into the final .
    Portugal ….I like it for the fact that it’s different from anything else , though do wish that Conan would ditch that green outfit, he looks like shiny green wrapping paper, the sort you’d wrap your Christmas pressies in ! It’s one of those divisive songs where not all of Europe will get the message behind it so may struggle to make it to the final .
    Iceland- as I have said before , another very divisive song , which will definitely ruffle a few feathers come the big night . Not for the nervous I would say 😂
    Serbia- This is a real grower, the performance got even better today and think this now stands a serious chance of getting through
    Finland- I have never warmed to this song at all, it has just totally passed me by and the performance does nothing for me at all to change my mind . I Think for me, it will definitely be a case of wanting to ” Look away ” on the night .
    Belgium. I have liked all the Belgian entries since Loic in 2015 but sadly, i am so disappointed that I don’t really like this years song .It has a modern feel to it and it’s not a bad song ,but my view is that it lacks the punch to make it stand out . I found myself just drifting off. Would like Belgium to qualify but think they may struggle this year .
    Cyprus, slick choreography but did the vocals sound a bit off ? Just seen something online about the Cypriot delegation claiming sound problems . It’s a very slick performance and staged within an inch of its life , as John said . However , it’s almost like they are trying too hard with it and it doesn’t seem to flow as well as Fuego did . I think it’ll certainly qualify but whether it’ll reach the dizzy heights that Eleni did, we’ll see .
    By the way, you can see the Czech Republic rehearsal on YouTube . Looked much the same as the 1st rehearsal , it’s simple but enjoyable .

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