# Eurovision Rehearsals : What does a fan from the more senior generation really think of the Semi final rehearsals ? #Dare to Dream

So, rehearsals are well under way in Tel Aviv and so far we’re getting some rather interesting and very varied acts judging by what the rest of my colleagues are reporting back from Tel Aviv and also the clips on various internet links.

In Melodifestivalen this year, Sweden took the interesting move of dividing the televotes into different age categories , presumably with the aim of getting a view of whether what you vote for depends on what generation you were or are being brought up in and whether any particular generation strongly influences the eventual outcome . In the weeks leading up to the rehearsals, James gave us a series of articles on his little nephew, Jack’s views on the acts going to Eurovision this year , with some interesting results . This made me think …..what about the other end of the generation scale ? What does someone , who will have grown up with Eurovision in the good old days of Refrain , Dansevise and Volare make of today’s offerings ? Cue my husband , Tony,who is from that generation, who I influenced to become a Eurovision fan in 2006 after many of years of ” oh but I don’t want to watch that !” . Surprisingly, this was after Lordi’s win, which he loved !He has since watched the contest every year but never watches any of the build up to the contest , no national finals, no following the internet. I asked Tony if he would be willing to sit and watch clips of six of the rehearsals that we have seen so far from Semi -Final 1 and make a judgement on them ……these are his views, let’s take a look !


Tony: ” It’s very bland, quite quiet, just a very simple rhythm , doesn’t give anything that would stick in my mind , instantly forgettable ! ” ( oh dear- not a good sign for Serhat ! 😭)

Next up…………


Tony : ” I really don’t know what to say ? It’s more than a little bit weird , it just doesn’t seem to evolve into anything at all . It’s a bit creepy , I think !” (clearly not a fan of Conan then 🤔)


Tony : ” It’s quite dark and dirgy, not my cup of tea at all” ( sorry those of you who really loved Georgia today ! )


Tony : ( face looks shocked , while Sarah laughs ) ” Crikey ! I can’t believe anyone could perform like that on stage and expect a positive response ! It’s foul ! ” ( I must admit I expected that kind of response , not his cup of tea at all , he was surprised at the response it is getting from fans everywhere, both positive and negative !)


Tony : ( Sarah can see he is deep in thought ) “That’s much easier on the eye and at least a bit more upbeat . It’s not outstanding but better than the others I’ve seen so far . It’s very Eurovision but not a winner for me ” ( well at least Tamta got a slightly more favourable review there ! 😊)



Tony : ( Sarah can see him tapping his feet to this ) ” I like this , it’s better than any of the others I’ve seen so far . It’s not an unhappy song , they seem to know what they are doing on stage . It’s up beat , I would probably vote for this ” ( A big thumbs up for Lake Malawi then 👍” )

So there you have it , the views of someone who by his own admission is one of our more senior generation fans and viewers . I would like to just say to those reading this not to feel offended if your favourite has received a bad review, these are just Tony’s opinions and just a bit of fun . I also told him that these are only snippets of the performances and just gives an insight into how the performances will be on the big night . Please feel free to share your own views on the acts we have looked at today .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland

Image Source : Eurovision.TV

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