#UKRAINE: Live blog of Vidbir 2019 Final from 18.00 CET

UKRAINE: Live blog of Vidbir 2019 Final from 18.00 CET

Ukraine has been quietly moving through semi-finals to select an entry for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight is the big final. Six acts will compete for the golden ticket to Tel Aviv.

You know how things work. Hit ‘Refresh’ to see our latest thoughts. You can also watch the action as it unfolds HERE or HERE.

Ukraine will choose its winner by a familiar 50/50 combination of jury and televote. Will they all agree, or will it get messy?

And here we go. Another national final to tick off the list for 2019. We’re getting introduced too the six acts. The stage is getting mighty crowded.

We’ve got an expert jury too – Andriy Danylko, Jamala and Yevhen Filatov.

After some lengthy chat, we see some of the songs already picked: Australia, Czech Rep, Italy, Spain, Romania, Estonia, Croatia, United Kingdom, and France.

But now, on to the six songs

Freedom Jazz – Cupidon

They’re in a red bi-plane. Excellent. Naturally, there’s a 1940s vibe going on here and the trio are dressed for the part too. If you want something visual, then this will get you going. There’s an annoyingly catchy hook too that could draw you in. It’s all nicely busy, there’s never a dull moment. I really like it. This song might not be a winner, but it’ll be popular in some quarters.

After lots of chat, it’s an ad break.

Yuko – Galyna guliala

Is this a 2019 incarnation of Madame Monsieur? It’s rap for the verse and proper singing, in a wailing stylee for the chorus. Interesting, and definitely different. I do like the way Yuko bounce around the stage, as if they own the place and think the win is a formality. The three backing singers are adding to this very nicely, as are the large balloons that fall from the ceiling into the audience. Favouritism? Surely not.

Maruv – Siren song

Staging gone absolutely bonkers here. Maruv is sat astride a trendy bath-tub to start with, and once the song gets going, it’s been chroeographed to within an inch of its life. Her song is really contemporary but still has elements that remind you of something that’s definitely eastern European. The crowd love it, and the lighting, while might scare epileptics, is still really good. And once the CO2 gun is used, well is could be game over.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Houston

BSB tell us they may have a problem. But they also have the instrument of the year. And not content with that, they mention Brexit too. There are no other gimmicks – no bright clothing, no kickass dancing. Just an honest song with a piano-plus. The two seem more intent on their instrument than the fact that there’s an audience watching. In that respect, it’s very well done. I do wonder how this would work in Tel Aviv. Still, if it wins tonight, I’ll be happy.

Kazka – Apart

Another change of style, with something a bit more ethereal. They have tubular bells on stage! Kazka is dressed in basic black and there’s a very heavy woodwind instrument vibe going on too. I like this song’s local sound and there’s a catchy element to it too. Plus, a bit of handy choreography and you have yet another decent performance. Not bad at all.

Anna Maria – My road

This is a duo, just in case you were wondering. Their song has a more syncopated beat than we’ve seen tonight, with little backing music to interfere, until we get to the chorus. After some decent performances so far, I fear that this one might struggle. Having said that, the chorus is strong, but the verse preceding it might not grab people enough.

We’ve had the six songs, and whilst the jurors engage in some more no doubt constructive chatter, it’s time to think about a winner. I’d love to see Brunettes Shoot Blondes win, mainly because of their wonderful instrument. But I can see Maruv doing it, as it’s immediately catchy.

The televoters are doing their vote, no doubt by voting, voting and voting some more. In the meantime, we’re sold Israel. Parties on the beaches in Tel Aviv, culture in Jerusalem, traffic everywhere.

The performers are on stage. We must be getting some results. Or an ad break. The nice thing is that we see the performances during what could be an ad break in Ukraine. More time to familiarise yourself with one winner and five non-winners.

Back from the ad break, and it’s cabaret time. A competitor for 2019. It’s Bilal Hassani. You know how this song goes, so I don’t need to explain it.

During a quick chat, Bilal explains that he loves Kyiv, despite the cold. And he went there with his head of delegation, his mum, and his hair-dresser. He thanks Ukraine for the warm welcome he’s received.

We have a stage full of performer again. Maybe we’ll get some results this time. From the jury…

Freedom Jazz – 6 pts

Maruv – 5 pts

Yuko – 4pts

Kazka – 3pts

Brunettes Shoot Blondes – 2pts

Anna Maria – 1pt

Before the final results, Jamala is now going to perform. She’s a very popular bunny in these parts.

A representative from PWC is on stage, hopefully yo deliver the final results. He says Ukraine has no lack of talent. I agree it’s been an entertaining clutch of songs tonight. More than 167,500 votes have been received.

The performers come on stage – again.

And the winner…


I hope you’ve enjoyed the show. And this blog. Thanks and good night.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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