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#Denmark : LIVE BLOG Tonight #Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019 : Denmark chooses its entry for Tel-Aviv! Tune in from 20.00 CET

Tonight the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2019 will take place at The Boxen Arena in Herning , Denmark . Johannes Nymark ( of Lighthouse X fame who represented Denmark in 2017 ) and Kristian Gintberg, who is well known for presenting children’s TV in Denmark will be hosting the proceedings .

Ten acts will be performing for the Danish golden ticket to Tel -Aviv . They are :

Simone Emilie – ” Anywhere”

Jasmin Gabay – “Kiss like this “

Rasmus Faartoft “Hold my breath”

Marie Isabell “Dancing with you in my heart “

Sigmund ” Say my name”

Humørekspressen “Drønning af baren”

Julie & Nina ” League of Light “

Teit Samsø ” Step it up”

Leonora “Love is forever”

Leeloo ” That Vibe”

Join me, Sarah at 20.00 CET ,19.00 GMT when I will be guiding you through the night and giving you my thoughts and opinions on the ten acts as they perform .You know the drill, join me at 20.00 CET , 19.00 GMT by regularly refreshing the page !Being of Danish roots and knowing a bit of the language , I do have a soft spot for this contest , so am looking forward to it as much as I hope you all are .Please feel free to tell me what you think and who your favourites are You can also watch the show live through the links HERE OR HERE .


God aften Europa, God morgen Australien and hello to Greenland , who will also be watching and able to vote in tonight’s final from the Boxen arena in Herning . We will shortly get underway when we go live over to Herning and start the journey to see who will succeed Rasmussen , who represented Denmark last year with Higher Ground. Can tonight’s winner improve on last year’s 9th place in Lisbon in Tel Aviv…..

So , here we go , starting with a little scene backstage with Rasmussen greeting our two presenters , Kristian and Johannes tonight . It’s a fantastic atmosphere, It is so like being at Eurovision itself !

Gosh they don’t hang about …we’re getting ready for the first song already !

Simone Emilie – ” Anywhere

Simone is in a gold /yellow dress , with a dark stage with lights reflecting in the background” . Vocals are ok and she looks nice , good stage presence but for me it’s nothing special and don’t think it would trouble the scoreboard in Tel Aviv

Jasmin Gabay – “Kiss like this ”

Jasmin is in an all pink trouser suit with two male backing singers and two female backing singers. It’s a very bright multi coloured stage and as the song says it’s very llll latino !It’s well staged and Jasmin sings well but again, it doesn’t make me want to rush and vote for her

Rasmus Faartoft “Hold my breath”

First male vocal of the night , Rasmus ( no relation to Rasmussen , we believe!) ,is alone on stage , dark stage with the clour background being a blue theme , it all looks very pretty. Rasmus has sound vocals and it’s actually a nice song but …with so many male ballads going already to Tel Aviv, would this be able to make it out of the semis.

Marie Isabell “Dancing with you in my heart

Song 4 already . By the way each song is preceded with a little sketch of the performers being interviewed before their performances .

Oh dear! Marie seems to have had a bit of a fashion disaster here . She’s in a blue , silver dress, which is very short at the front and long at the back . Very brightly coloured stage and Marie seems to be enjoying being on stage . Again, the vocals are good but nothing special , I am struggling to pick a winner so far today .

Sigmund ” Say my name”

Wow !Can’t beat a bit of electro pop…. a bit like a cross between Gary Numan and Paul Oscar in 1997 , for those of you who can remember the rather scantily clad ladies in that ! He’s in all white and it looks great , one for the Super final me thinks !

Humørekspressen “Drønning af baren”

Nice to have a song ( and it’s the only song in the contest tonight) that is sung in Danish , so always goes down well with me . These guys give us a bit of the old Danish country music with variations in dress , with one dressed as a waiter , one looking like he’s borrowed Waylon’s hat from last year and a woman in the background dressed in white. It’s entertaining and I would like to see it do well, but what do I know ?

Julie & Nina ” League of Light ”

Now this will be interesting , one of these ladies has roots in Greenland and they are going to perform some of the song tonight in the Greenlandic language, first time in 42 years since Greenlandic has been heard in Eurovision. Now this is nice , Julie and Nina are in all black dresses , again another dark stage with a moving and changing pattern blue background. This is really nice, both girls vocals are good . I think this could do well in Tel-Aviv !

Teit Samsø ” Step it up”

Teit starts off mixing with the audience before going up on the stage , it’s blck with a changing colours background . Teit is dressed in black with backing singers who are dressed in multi colours but then at the end of the song change into gold outfits. It’s quite an up tempo song , this could do well .

we’re nearly there folks , song number nine ….

Leonora “Love is forever”

Leonora is on stage alone with changing scenes going from bright shining lights to clouds to blue shapes in the background . She is dressed in white and black and sat on a very high prop….hope she doesn’t fall over ! She’s now joined by three backing singers dressed in black and white striped tops . It’s pleasant but a bit monotonous .

So here we are , last one of the night …

Leeloo ” That Vibe”

Leeloo – dressed in Purple , sparkly tops and shorts , with a dazzling bright stage . It’s another boppy number .

Now Johannes and Kristian reminding the public of the voting number and the fact that there will be three acts that will progress to Super final . Now we are going through a recap of the songs . I have two in mind who I want to progress ; Julie and Nina, Sigmund and I would love to see Humorekspressen go through as it is the only Danish language song tonight but somehow, don’t think it will….let’s see who the great Danish public will pick !

We’re now being treated to a rendition of past Danish entries a banjo version of Fra Mols til Skagen -Denmark’s 1995 entry , The hosts are now singing Never never going to give you up ( 2001) and we have them and their guests renditioning Breathe again by Brink , Talking to you Jakob Sveistrup 2005 , All Night Long ( 2008 ) , Shame on You ( 2004) Now……Chane and N’ergreen ( as themselves ) In a Moment like this ( 2010)

Now we’re in the green room with Johannes talking with the contestants

Songs through to Super final ..

Sigmund – ” Say my name

Leonora ” Love is forever “

Julia and Nina ” League of Light “

Johannes asking one of the expert panel her view on the chosen three, she thinks they are three great song and that Denmark has a chance in Eurovision with any one

Now the Superfinal

Sigmund- ” Say my name “

It’s quite catchy but then I am a fan of electro pop , having grown up in the 80’s . Sigmund is certainly giving it all. It is so reminiscent of Paul Oscar for Iceland in 1997 except that Paul spent most of his time sat in a chair !

Julie & Nina ” League of light “

I love this , the vocals are good and I love the Greenlandic bit ! It’s harmonic but powerful , this has a good chance of doing well in Tel Aviv . I suspect the Greenlandic votes have helped tonight

One of the expert panel thinks the standard is high this year . Hmmmm, not with all the songs tonight , me thinks

Leonora -Love is forever

I still think Leonora looks like she should be representing Austria ,the way she is dressed . It’s ok but reminds me of a similar entry that was in Melodi Grand Prix last year , which also made the Superfinal . I am not sure what to make of it . It’s one of those love /hate songs for me

Now they’re having a recap of the 3 Superfinalists.

Now we’re being treated to a little sketch with the hosts . quite comical with Johannes trying to entertain a couple of children by acting the clown , which they are not impressed with .


Now Rasmussen is on stage , he ofcourse , represented Denmark last year with Higher Ground . He starts with a new song then sings Higher ground . If this had been in the contest tonight , I think this would have still won

Ok….we’re ready

3rd place -Sigmund

And the winner is ………..

LEONORA -” Love is forever ” !!!!!!

Well, I must say that is a surprise , You couldn’t have more of an opposite song to last year! Johannes and Kristian now wrapping up the night , thanking everyone involved in MGP .

So that’s it ! What do you think ? Do you think Denmark made the right choice ? Thank you for being with me tonight and following the journey to Denmark’s representative for Tel Aviv . Goodnight .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland DR

Image Source : DR

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