#MammaMia: Looking Back At ABBA In Eurovision

Abba Tribute at Melofifestivalen 2014. Photo : worldtvp

Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again, was released in cinemas across the UK last Friday. The music is based on the back catalogue of Sweden’s first ever winner’s of the Eurovision Song Contest – ABBA! Here we look at a brief history of ABBA and their involvement with the Eurovision Song Contest.

1973 – Ring, Ring

ABBA tried to represent Sweden in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. They entered the 1973 edition of Melodifestivalen and finished a disappointing third place, with just 8 points. That year, the group Malta represented Sweden with their song “Sommaren som aldrig sager nej”.

Video: YouTube/ABBAtalk

1974 – Waterloo

ABBA went on to take Melodifestivalen victory the following year. They travelled to Brighton, in the United Kingdom to represent their country. ABBA went on to take victory in the Eurovision Song Contest too – with a 6 point margin over Italy. The United Kingdom are famous for awarding the group Nul Points, before the group went on to huge success across the country.

Video: YouTube/mozpiano2

2004 – The Interval Act

ABBA returned – but in Puppet form to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, after taking victory in Brighton. When this was broadcast as part of the Contest in Istanbul, it was everyone’s dream to hear new music again from the group and fourteen year’s later, we will hear just that – later this year!

Video: YouTube/AbbaVEVO

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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