Eurovision 2018

#JESC18: From Lisbon To Minsk


Over recent days, news came through that the European Broadcasting Union has placed a deadline of Friday 29th June. As we get ready to move on from the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon and on to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk, participating broadcasters now have only a month to sign up and take part.

As we already know, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Russia have already signed up. Wales will debut, while France will return after a fourteen year break. It was announced yesterday that Serbia will once again participate, but how their entry will be picked is yet to be announced.

But what about other participating broadcasters? RTVSLO of Slovenia have announced that the Contest is not in it’s programme plans for 2018. RTVSLO haven’t participated since the Contest was moved to a Sunday afternoon.

Video: YouTube/EBU

NDR of Germany will not make their debut this year. They previously streamed the Contest live via their website in both 2015 and 2016.

BNT of Bulgaria announced through their Eurovision Twitter account that they currently have no intentions on the return to the Contest this year. Bulgaria withdrew last year due to the election of a new Director General.

Video: YouTube/EBU

SVT of Sweden have announced that once again, they won’t be returning to the Contest this year after supposedly taking a one year break back in 2015. TV4 could still make a return for Sweden.

The broadcaster’s from both Denmark and Lithuania have distanced themselves from the Contest, after the direction it was going in.

Other participating nations from last year – Albania, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Malta and Ukraine have yet to announce any details ahead of the Contest this year in Minsk. If these countries continue to participate in the Contest, we will see a field of eighteen participating nations – the maximum number allowed. The difficulties will come if others want to debut or return.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland & Eurovoix

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