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#JESC: EBU Want Denmark Back

Junior Eurovision

Last week, it was revealed that Jon Ola Sand and the European Broadcasting Union were trying to persuade DR, the Danish broadcaster to return to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Denmark was one of the founding participating countries, but for a while now have made it clear they have no desire to return. Jan Lagermand Lundme reiterated the broadcasters views:

“Now, never say never, but as long as the show is, as it is now, I’m definitely not going to compete again. The values ​​that we put in Denmark in a program for children do not match the values ​​of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest…It seems that the children are on stage and play adults instead of acting as children, and we think that is fundamentally wrong. Children must be children, they should not try to strive to be something they are not. It’s super bad for us, because we really wanted to be part of the show. Participating in a concept like Junior Eurovision would be a natural step for us after MGP, but it does not work when we do not feel the show fits the Danish values.”

Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is calling on DR to return to the Contest, based on the fact they already have a strong Children’s Song Contest:

“You have a strong national final with MGP, and I really want Denmark back in the competition. I think it’s a shame that DR looks at how the show looked 10 years ago, because much has happened since. I would like to invite DR to attend this year’s competition so that they can see how Junior Eurovision looks like today…If DR has any views on how the Junior Eurovision Song Contest should be in the future, then we would like to talk about EBU in the EBU.”

Would you like to see Denmark return to the Contest – or even some other long term absentees like the United Kingdom or Norway for instance? Leave us a comment below or comment on one of our Social Media feeds.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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