Eurovision 2018

99 points: the score NO Eurovision singer EVER had… until NOW!

mistery ss

For statisticians, the Eurovision Song Contest is a gold mine of random trivia. For example, we wrote quite a bit recently about Finland and Cyprus never both making it to the final in the same year.  2018 saw this happen for the first time in 16 years. But we’ve done a little digging, we’ve found something even rarer… hold on to your hats!

For the 63 years prior to 2018, no Eurovision Song Contest entry performing in a final ever scored 99 points. Nope, not even once! Don’t believe me? Well it’s true! Or at least it was until last week – when for the first time ever since Eurovision started in 1956, a song ended the night with exactly 99 points.

While compiling stats for another Eurovision project, Eurovision Ireland writer James Scanlan spotted this quirk. So who’s the lucky act who can say they’re the first contestant ever to have this score at a Eurovision final? Well it’s…

Jessica Mauboy and We Got Love!

While poor Jessica may have the dubious honour of being Australia’s lowest scoring Eurovision entry to date, she also has the distinction of being the only singer in the history of Eurovision to score 99 points exactly – well done Jessica!

James’ project is still being worked on, but if you want to take a look at his published Eurovision-related works, you can check out The Complete Eurovision Song Contest Year Book 1956-2018, Just Enough Ukrainian for Eurovision and Just Enough Portuguese for Eurovision in the respective links.

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland

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