#EUROVISION 2018: The semi-final draws

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#EUROVISION 2018: The semi-final draws

We’re a step nearer to the contest next month, with the announcement of the draws for the semi-finals. These can be make or break for some songs. That song you originally tipped to perhaps win, might now think struggle to shine through. Or that song you gave no hope to suddenly has a chance.

But what are those crucial running orders?

Here’s Semi-final One, which is on Tuesday 8 May.

2018 SF1

And here’s Semi-final Two, on Thursday 10 May.

2018 SF2

Are you happy with where your country is in the draw? Or do you think you might have a job to make it to the Grand Final on Saturday 12 May? Tell us what you think.


Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland,

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  1. I am such a huge ESC fan! It’s the highlight of the year for me.
    Most of my favorites are in the 1st Semi Final, so that is going to be very fun, but difficult to watch.
    I am a great fan of Macedonia and Ireland, but I feel they are not going to make it 😦

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