Eurovision 2018

#LDN: First Performers Announced

London 2018

You’ll be aware by now that the London Eurovision Party will be again returning to the Cafe De Paris on Thursday 5th April. Sadly, all the tickets have now been sold, however if you keep an eye on their Twitter feed @LDNEurovision, they’ll announce any that have been returned – so don’t give up hope if you still want to attend!!!

So far eight artists have been confirmed for the event – they are:

  • Albania – Eugent Bushpepa
  • Austria – Cesar Sampson
  • Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef
  • France – Madame Monsieur
  • Germany – Micheal Schulte
  • Ireland – Ryan O’Shaughnessy
  • Spain – Alfred and Amaia
  • United Kingdom – SuRie – who’ll also be Headlining the event

Video: YouTube/BBC

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: London Eurovision Party Facebook/Twitter/Official Website

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