Eurovision 2018

#HUNGARY “Say YES to good things in life!” yesyes #TheInterview

yesyesWith A Dal 2018 kicking off this Saturday, we thought of treating you guys with a very special interview with one of the most loved acts to compete this year in Hungary’s selection for Eurovision.

Yes, you’ve guessed it from the title! We had the pleasure of having a chat with the band yesyes. Have a look of what they’ve told us!

Hey yesyes! Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. First of all congratulations for making it to A Dal 2018! We want to know more about who you are, so can you tell us who is yesyes? (names, how and when it was formed, other hobbies)

Ádám: Thank you for the opportunity! I am the singer and the songwriter and Tomi is the drummer of yesyes.

We were roommates at the dorm of the Weiner Leó conservatory in Budapest and there we became best friends. We had a dream that once we will have a band and we will make a career together. So that is yesyes; but we are still at the beginning of our story.

Well, in my free time I usually write a new song or I’m with my family and friends, but I like football, bodybuilding and muay-thai. Tomi practices a lot with drums, so that takes almost all of his free time.

Tomi: Yes, but I love to cook when I’m not at the rehearsal room, or I’m also with my friends!! (My family lives in Transylvania, so that makes it harder to be with them as much.)


Can you tell us more about your song “I Let You Run Away” and how you decided to compete in A Dal?

Ádám: The first version of the song was made for our biggest concert’s intro. It had a lot of energy, symphonic instruments and ambitious motives. But then we said: It’s a good musical base, why don’t we write a vocal as well? After a week, the song was born.  

This song became our favourite one, so we wanted to show it to everyone, and A Dal is a very good opportunity to reach the foreign audience as well. And I also really like the competitions.  

What would it mean to you to win A Dal and represent Hungary at Eurovision Song Festival 2018? And who would be the first person you’d call after the announcement?

Tomi: It would be incredible. I couldn’t belive it.  I think I would call my mom.

Can you tell us what your favourite Eurovision song from all its history is?

Tomi: For me it is Måns Zemerlöw – Heroes.

Ádám: Yeah, same here, it’s a really good song, and the performance was amazing as well.

What message would you like to transmit to your fans reading this interview?

Be positive, say YES to good things in life, love your family and the world will be a better place, we promise it!

Thank you guys and best of luck!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: yesyes, Eurovision Ireland

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