Eurovision 2018

#GERMANY – Unser Lied für Lissabon finalists announced!

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Earlier today, the German broadcaster responsible for Eurovision NDR announced the 6 finalists who will take part in Unser Lied für Lissabon in Berlin on February 22nd 2018. The winner will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal (failing some kind of 2015 incident again!)

These 6 are all that remains out of some 4000 hopefuls, but who exactly are they? Well, let’s take a look!

Xavier Darcy

Half British and Half French, 22 years old Xavier released his debut album earlier this year and has previously toured as support for MarieMarie, who took part in the Germany Eurovision selection of 2014 – maybe she can give him some tips?

Ryk (Rick Jurthe)

As a singer, composer and music producer, Ryk is clearly a talented guy – and must be keen to get to Eurovision, as he also applied for the Sammarinese selection this year! The 28 year old is also involved in several volunteer projects promoting youth pop culture.

Ivy Quainoo

This 25 years old Berliner with Ghanaian ancestry won the first season of The Voice of Germany back in 2012. Currently studying drama in New York, Ivy has 2 albums under her belt and spent the last few months releasing singles.

Michael Schulte

Michael’s back story is pretty similar to that of Ivy Quainoo. The 27 year old participated in the first season of The Voice of Germany in 2012, coming 3rd. April this year saw the release of his latest album “Hold The Rhythm” and he’s also been busy touring.


A band from Munich comprising of Florian, Christian, Korbinian, Stefan and Michael, these boys used to be known exclusively for a cappella music, they’ve recently branched out into ‘new folk music’ too. Their 4th studio album, “Donnawedda” is out soon.

Natia Todua

Bless her, Natia has has an eventful few weeks! Originally from Georgia and working in Germany as an au pair, the 21 year old won the most recent series of The Voice of Germany just 2 weeks ago! she’s yet to release an album, so could Eurovision be her big break?


Germany have had less than good luck at Eurovision these last few years… is there someone amongst these finalists who can change that for them?

Let us know what you think!


Author: James Scanlan


Image Source: Eurovision Ireland

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