Eurovision 2018

#Albania: Eugent Bushpepa wins Festivali i Këngës 56! See the English translation for Mall!

Albania winner

Last night the jury of Festivali i Këngës decided that the 56th edition was won by Eugent Bushpepa with his song Mall (Yearning).

So, Mall becomes the first known song for Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The english translation according to lyricstranslate is the following:


A long wait
sweet and fiery
A few steps beat like a heart tonight
I follow her rhythm
Two hands that guide feel the warmth
This yearning that burns doesn`t know boundaries nor distance
Nothing in this world can explain this feeling
when two hearts unite and beat like one
I want to hush tonight lay in this bed
where the divine dreams heal every wound.
To see her portrait
Moments pass by
seconds don`t forgive
hours go but they can`t stop the feeling, no
As by magic, the moon gazes our stares
it brings me your vision.
Undried tear, enlighten this night
resound today from the silent soul.
Just a moment the pain stops me
This undried tear will drain one day
from the fiery kisses it dreamed
at that moment the pain will stop.
Sweet this life, but it knows no boundaries
sometimes it caresses us, sometimes it separates us
I have you far away
You make me fight when my powers have given out
I dream of you even when I am awake
As by magic, the moon gazes our stares
our eyes meet again, even though it is a fantasy
I will give my life to you.
Like in recent years, we expect to see some changes in the song as usually RTSH collaborates with the artist to give us a revamp version for the winning entry.
We congratulate Eugent Buspepa and wish him all the best in Lisbon!
What do you think about Albania’s entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2018? We like it, do you? Let us know in the comments below!
Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles
Source:, RTSH, Eurovision Ireland

Categories: Eurovision 2018

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