Eurovision 2018

#JESC: LIVE BLOG Day 5 Jury Rehearsal – #JoinUs from Tbilisi at 16:00CET

JESC Dark 2017This week’s LIVE BLOGS were early starters for most of Europe that like to keep an eye on everything that is happening here in Tbilisi, however today’s Jury Rehearsal is at a more viable time for everyone.

It’s Richard here and I’ll be your guide through the Jury Rehearsal as it happens. This is the first time the LIVE BLOG has taken place with the full Running Order, that was announced on Monday night. You should know the drill by now, just refresh the page every so often and read the latest happenings!!!

#JoinUs and REFRESH from 16:00CET


We have an opening titles featuring scenes from Georgia, before Mariam comes on stage to perform part of Mzeo from last year in a yellow dress. The flag ceremony begins, welcoming the participants – in alphabetical order rather than performance order.

The hosts explains how the voting works and how the juries are made up – three adults and two children.

Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou – “I Wanna Be A Star”

Well Nicole has certainly brought an energetic start to the proceedings. It’s one of the few  entries that use some sort of effects – this case plumes of smoke, more than we’ve seen in rehearsals too. Not sure if this will go down with the juries that well.

Poland: Alicja Rega – “Moi Dom”

One of the strongest starts to Alicja’s performances we’ve seen – where has she been hiding this enthusiasm? Hopefully this will fair better with the juries than we previously thought.

The Netherlands: Fource – “Love Me”

They’ve obviously seen my criticism as Fource have improved their dancing no end. While it seems to be flowing better overall, this is more likely to win the online votes over the juries.

Armenia: Misha Song – “Boomerang”

Misha has been consistent throughout rehearsals – however this causes a worry for me when it comes to the juries today, because others are upping their game as we’ve seen already from Poland. Consistency won’t work now.

Belarus: Helena Meraai – “I Am The One”

After a slight malfunction getting her hair somehow caught in dress, Helena did well to come out of it fighting. This is a fan favourite, so Helena will probably benefit from the online vote here.

Portugal: Mariana – “Youtuber”

Due to a slight technical issue, this is delayed by a few minutes.

The camera issues certainly haven’t effected Mariana – in fact she probably is coming across more focussed and more confident that we’ve seen previously. The cameras have also been repositioned to avoid the poo emoji been shown on screen.

Ireland: Muireann McDonell – “Suile Glasa (Green Eyes)”

Muireann seems to be in her element a lot more now she is performing in front of a crowd of people instead of a few members of the press – a good sign of confidence and maybe a sign of votes.

Macedonia: Mina Blazev – “Dancing Though Life”

Mina looks like she is having a ball out there and having a high energy song helps this come across. This song deserves to do well and should win the youth online votes with such a great performance.

Commercial Break Interval

The Virus are back for our entertainment and they are just as entertaining as they were a couple of years back.

Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze – “Voice Of The Heart”

Grigol has certainly won the crowd over on the stage has he walks on. Again this is a consistent entry that has stayed the same and I worry this is sliding down the juries rankings because of this.

Albania: Ana Kodra – “Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemen)”

Ana has come on focused and wanting to succeed. She knows where to accentuate the notes and show facial expressions at exactly the right moments. Should do well and she surprised us from the very start.

Ukraine: Anastasiya Baginska – “Don’t Stop”

Anastasiya is so small, yet is able to fill the stage with her powerful voice and overall performance value. The juries will love her.

Malta: Gianluca Cilia – “Dawra Tond”

A favourite amongst us all – Gianluca will do well. Don’t forget it’s an odd numbered year – which means for Malta…

Russia: Polina Bogusevich – “Wings”

Another one of the consistent acts from throughout this week. However Polina does seem to have upped her game tonight knowing a good performance equals points on the table. I can see the juries preferring this over the online voters.

Serbia: Irina Brodic & Jana Paunovic – “Ceo Svet Je Nas (The World Is Ours)”

To this day, we still don’t understand the 1920’s reference to the outfits. This is one of those entries that you are unsure how it is going to perform. Irina and Jana certainly deserve to do well as their performance is a full on act.

Australia: Isabella Clarke – “Speak Up”

Isabella Clarke has nailed it again tonight and shows why she is one of the favourites. This is a party anthem that anyone would enjoy – not just the intended audience of 9 – 15 years.

Italy: Maria Iside Fiore – “Scelgo (My Choice)”

After Australia, Italy will struggle to find those all important votes unfortunately – in my opinion. This was once thought to be a strong favourite, however they have drifted in the odds amongst us here in Tbilisi.


Due to the camera issues earlier, a couple of the acts are getting another chance. Armenia & Belarus.

Voting Interval Act

A recap of all the songs is now been shown and the online vote is open for a further 15 minutes.

The hosts are now on stage singing and dancing before the vote closes.

Fake Results

This morning in the first Dress Rehearsal, Poland won the fake voting with 146 points. Tonight in the Jury Final, Portugal won the fake voting with 137 points.


If you haven’t voted yet via you have until 15:59CET on Sunday afternoon to cast those all important votes. You’ll have a chance to vote once again in the 15 minute voting window during the show.

Author: Richard Taylor – LIVE in Tbilisi

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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