Eurovision 2018

#JESC – Mr Phil casts his eye over the other half!

Hola! – OnEurope’s Mr Phil here again casting my weary eye over the second half of the first rehearsals.

Straight into it you say?

Italy: Maria Iside Fiore – “Scelgo (My Choice)”

Richard seemed to be fawning  in praise for this – could it be because she’s Italian? – He’s right to an extent though, it is a strong contender and from the video that was posted it looks amazing ( but I dislike that set though) In a nod to songs in the Adult contest it has the words on the background and the change of gear into English isn’t clunky at all.  This has a something that I can’t put my hand on? – Is it winner? – Nope – but it’s up there alright.

Malta: Gianluca Cilia – “Dawra Tond”

You don’t hear many Jew’s harps in Eurovision any more but you get a whole 20 seconds here and someone has finally worked out that the set looks like a TV screen by using TV motifs! – Excellent.  It reminds me of something and I don’t know what but Gianluca certainly is polished in his tuxedo and there is even some gymnastics in the background – He has a megaphone too and  a precocious attitude that sells this song.  Yeah, its not half bad overall.  It’s a very visual song with lots of choreography so it had better be filmed well!!

Poland: Alicja Rega – “Moi Dom”

Back to the ballads here and yet more bloody trees… has the projectionist bought a job lot?! – Alicja sings the song nice enough and has a good voice but it’s boring to the constituency that is going to vote for this and its boring in general.  It’s plodding and slow and a deliberate attempt to get the adults voting for this.   I couldn’t get through all 3 minutes.  Sorry

Portugal: Mariana – “Youtuber”

OK – so she’s a youtuber… and she puts herself about a bit… and in a modern twist there are emojis ( and the poo one, that will have to go surely) – Mariana’s voice seemed screechy even on the rehearsal video and the song has nothing to offer in this contest apart from the phrase “youtuber” about 100,000,000 times.  Accidental last?

Russia: Polina Bogusevich – “Wings”

Typically Russian is the best way to describe this.  Heavy on the choreography and the backing and the drama but to limited effect if this review is honest.  Sung in an approximation to her bedroom it seems to make her more homely it appears but that’s all part of the game.  Polina emotes well, very well, but again not so sure who its appealing to.   Also some very dodgy notes on the back end of the rehearsal vid.

Serbia: Irina Brodic & Jana Paunovic – “Ceo Svet Je Nas (The World Is Ours)”

It’s the swinging 20’s… the 1920’s with this which would be a great idea if it was actually followed up on instead of being a motif.  Vocally it seems sickly sweet to me and whilst being plesant enough it’s just the wrong side of “what the actual..” for me to see it doing anything – Full on Charleston would have done so much better… ask Electro Velvet!

The Netherlands: Fource – “Love Me”

A proper boy band – or rather a band full of boys in differing colour jackets or hoodies are hiding a rather screechy sounding song that is only going through the motions.  They are trying hard to sell an underpowered song.  It’s very repetitive to the point of being grating by the end and I don’t know how Richard could make this winning material.  It’s very average.

Ukraine: Anastasiya Baginska – “Don’t Stop”

It’s someone else in a tree! – Bloody trees are a thing now at this contest yes? –  Not kissing in the tree but a guitarist and Anastasiya in a tree then she leaves him and starts going round the tree.  Another typical Eastern European power performance but in contrast to Russia who seemed to be trying too hard, Ukraine seem to be the right side of emotion in the song.  She seems to know where the cameras will be and she is joined by a violinist on stage towards the end.   It’s a darn sight better than many of them but it still feels Disney-lite to me in the same way many adult Ukraines are.  It’ll definitely have resonance though.

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