Eurovision 2018

#JESC: LIVE BLOG Day 4 Rehearsals – #JoinUs from Tbilisi at 06:30CET


This week’s LIVE BLOGS will be early starters for most of Europe that like to keep an eye on everything that is happening here in Tbilisi. It’s Richard here and I’ll be your guide through all the rehearsals as they happen all week long. The rehearsal schedule was decided before the Running Order, that was announced on Monday night. You should know the drill by now, just refresh the page every so often and read the latest happenings!!!

#JoinUs and REFRESH from 06:30CET will not be releasing any clips until the after the final rehearsal today. These one minute clips will form part of the online voting recap.

Albania: Ana Kodra – “Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemen)”

Ana Kodra has taken the stage first this morning due to technical issues yesterday. Ana has nailed this performance (which was never an issue in her first rehearsal) and if anything it is the technical aspects that flow nicer such as the camerawork compared to what we saw on Tuesday.

Ukraine: Anastasiya Baginska – “Don’t Stop”

The beginning of this entry has a not too similar back projection to what Jamala had back in Kyiv. Anastasiya has such a strong connection with the camera now – especially when bounces off the tree, she looks into the steady-cam as if to say, don’t knock into the tree.

Anastasiya is really delivering those notes and must be one of the forerunners after this morning.

The Netherlands: Fource – “Love Me”

Without fail, Fource will win over the teenage girl fans. Yes they are a boyband, but sadly the dancing isn’t the best – therefore rehearsals are key. A couple of the camera angles are still a bit suspect.

Even though we talk about teenage girls liking these guys – the online vote, as discussed here in the Press Centre, could cause no end of surprises.

Serbia: Irina Brodic & Jana Paunovic – “Ceo Svet Je Nas (The World Is Ours)”

Irina and Jana have certainly rehearsed and perfected their routine. However, from a technical side of things, lighting is still been worked out. Camera work seems to have been perfected though.

Russia: Polina Bogusevich – “Wings”

Polina has come to her second set of rehearsals with her stage costume, a near-floaty white dress – had it not been for a hoop been sewn around the middle part of the dress. Also, because the dancers are smaller, it makes Polina look a lot older than see actually does.

It will be interesting to see how the voting public react to this one, especially after the fun of the Maltese entry beforehand.

Portugal: Mariana – “Youtuber”

This song is one of those that gets stuck in your head very easily. Mariana is delivering just as well as she did on Wednesday morning and looks more confident too – especially the connection with the camera. In general, the camera changes flow clearer too.

Poland: Alicja Rega – “Moi Dom”

This seems a lot more polished in terms of performance and technicality. Alicja seems a lot more confident and has a connection with those watching. The cameras flow effortlessly and the whole staging seems as if it floating in the air.

Malta: Gianluca Cilia – “Dawra Tond”

Sorry for the DELAY, but we’ve been enjoying their rehearsals in the arena. This is now a really solid performance and just as a member of press pointed out, we are in an odd numbered year – who won in 2013 and 2015…

The camera angles have been altered slightly as well, which ensures we have a much fluid performance and any worries about the dances dresses need now go away. Cuteness will win the vote here.

Italy: Maria Iside Fiore – “Scelgo (My Choice)”

Maria is the final participant to take to the stage for her rehearsal today. She sings “Scelgo” beautifully, and has nailed her whole performance – especially the dreamy-esque sequence at the start.

I do feel the lighting does let it down slightly as it appears dark in a lot of the three minutes. Dark is fine, but not for the majority as people won’t necessarily connect with the song, just like ones with bright fun colours.

Get Voting

Don’t forget you can vote from wherever you are internationally, for whoever you like (including your own nation if you are participating), from 18:00CET. Just go to and vote for a minimum of three and a maximum of five countries. Your votes will form 50% of the overall result.

Tommorows Coverage

We have two dress rehearsals tomorrow. I will be blogging the Second Dress Rehearsal – aka the Jury Final from 16:00CET. Tomorrow morning from 07:00CET, I will be in the first Dress Rehearsal so will not have a blog running at that time.

Author: Richard Taylor – LIVE in Tbilisi

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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