Eurovision 2018

#JESC: LIVE BLOG Day 1 Rehearsals – #JoinUs from Tbilisi at 07:00CET


This week’s LIVE BLOGS will be early starters for most of Europe that like to keep an eye on everything that is happening here in Tbilisi. It’s Richard here and I’ll be your guide through all the rehearsals as they happen all week long. The rehearsal schedule was decided before the Running Order, that was announced last night. You should know the drill by now, just refresh the page every so often and read the latest happenings!!!

#JoinUs and REFRESH from 07:00CET

Albania: Ana Kodra – “Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemen)”

Ana Kodra is the first participant to take to the stage during the first rehearsals. She is wearing a pale blue dress with a white undergarment covered in bright flowers. The background consists of a CGI tree not too dissimilar from what we’ve seen before.

Ana is full of confidence and knows when to empathise certain notes. Technically, the camerawork is great and the lighting effects are good too. Hopefully from a technically point of view, the staging will look good for all.

Armenia: Misha Song – “Boomerang”

Misha Song takes to the stage on a hover-board covered as a boomerang – yes the hover-board is back! The back projection begins as a red sky, surrounded by bright blue lighting. The sky brightens up throughout the performance.

Misha is dressed in all in black – trousers, jacket and shirt with a dark purple tie. Vocally, Misha stands out well while contending with moving about on his ‘boomerang’.

For Misha’s second run through, the jacket was removed – a hint that a decision is still to be made on his final outfit for Saturday afternoon.

For the third run through, we have added fog and CO2 blast effects added.

Australia: Isabella Clarke – “Speak Up”

Isabella is the first artist to be joined on stage with backing dancers. While Isabella is dressed in a silver catsuit-type number, her backing dancers have white jackets and black sparkly tops and trousers.

The background consists of some funky yellow, black and white patterns – a nice change from the golden images from the last two Australian participations at Junior Eurovision.

Isabella is the first participant to use the catwalk coming off the main stage – mainly the last third of the song. Vocally, Isabella is good, but stronger in her second run through.

Belarus: Helena Meraai – “I Am The One”

Helena gives a dramatic performance for her first run through of “I Am The One” on stage today. The lighting adds to this with some strong purples and pinks. Helena is in a purple and black number, which adds to her strong presence on the stage.

After only one run through, everyone here can see why this is a fan favourite.

Helena gives great armography in the following run throughs and makes the performance look as if it could sit at the adult Eurovision Song Contest. Another performance that is technically great with camera work and lighting.

Lightning effects end the performance well as a backdrop.

Cyprus: Nicole Nicolaou – “I Wanna Be A Star”

Nicole has a white top, orange skirt and a glitzy gold jacket. Her backing dancers are in white. The opening shot is of the backdrop rather than Nicole herself and unfortunately it is rather busy in terms of visuals – once it does calm down, you see a funky sun image – a more circular image of the contest’s logo.

Once the performance gets going, Nicole and the dancers interact well on stage – especially when the blocks come on to climb all over – yes the first prop of the day!

Performance wise, overall it does need tidying up – this is why we have another set of rehearsals on Thursday.

Macedonia: Mina Blazev – “Dancing Though Life”

Mina is on stage on her own with what looks like to be a white rain coat. At the moment dancers are missing – however, they are included as a visual graphic on the back projection as silhouettes. Actually, what the performance does give is drama.

The back projection is very different from the official video, where we were treated to paint been thrown about – a very arty and dramatic (in a different way) effect.

Not only is Mina good at travelling around the stage during the performance, the technical side of the camera work is quite edgy and gives a bit of bite to the drama.

Georgia: Grigol Kipshidze – “Voice Of The Heart”

A good competent first run through has taken place for Georgia. Grigol isn’t in costume today – a white JESC hoodie with black bottoms, but from a performance view both himself and the technical aspects work.

Think a monotone start like their winning entry “Mzeo” last year, before moving into a nice blue lighting effect. Grigol starts on the catwalk – a first for this year, before turning back on to the main stage, where he joins his backing singers.

“Voice Of The Heart” has a sort of nostalgic feel that the adult jurors will pick up on, but not necessarily as nostalgic as “Mzeo” was. Grigol Kipshidze has a strong follow up to Mariam from last year, and will do Georgia proud this year on home soil.

Ireland: Muireann McDonell – “Suile Glasa (Green Eyes)”

As to be expected, there is a mass of turquoise in terms of lighting etc – something we’ve come accustomed too with Irish presentation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It works though for the performance, as does the camera work.

Muireann oozes confidence and delivers the Irish entry. She has a headset on as she is paling the guitar on stage – the first of this year’s artists to do so in rehearsals. Muireann wears a black t-shirt top with blue jeans – we are unsure whether this is the final outfit or not.

Today we had slight sound issues in the press centre from the monitors, however we have been reassured this should be fixed, hence the lack of views on vocals throughout parts of the day.

Don’t forget to join me once again from 07:00CET tomorrow for Day 2 and the rest of the first rehearsals.

Author: Richard Taylor – LIVE in Tbilisi

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Video: Official Junior Eurovision Song Contest YouTube Channel

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