Eurovision 2018

#POLL – Who do YOU want to win Junior Eurovision 2017?


It’s just under 2 weeks until the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, live from the Georgian capital Tbilisi! The songs are picked, they’re setting up the venue, so now the question on everybody’s lips… who is going to win Junior Eurovision 2017?

Well, of course we want to know! So who better to ask thenyou guys, the Eurovision Ireland public! Who do YOU want to win Junior Eurovision 2017?

Need some help deciding? Check out all the songs below!

ALBANIA – Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemën) – Ana Kodra

ARMENIA – Boomerang – Misha

AUSTRALIA – Speak Up – Isabella Clarke

BELARUS – I Am The One – Helena Meraai

CYPRUS – I Wanna Be A Star – Nicole Nicolaou

GEORGIA – Voice Of The Heart – Grigol Kipshidze

IRELAND – Súile Glasa – Muireann McDonnell

ITALY- Scelgo (My Choice) – Maria Iside Fiore  

MACEDONIA – Dancing Through Life – Mina Blažev

MALTA – Dawra Tond – Gianluca Cilia

NETHERLANDS – Love Me – Fouce

POLAND –  Mój Dom – Alicja Rega

PORTUGAL – Youtuber – Mariana Venâncio

SERBIA – Ceo Svet Je Naš – Irina Brodić & Jana Paunović

RUSSIA – Wings – Polina Bogusevich

UKRAINE – Don’t Stop – Anastasiya Baginska

Made up your mind? Time to vote! We will publish the full results nearer the time of the contest – so be sure to come back!


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Eurovision Ireland

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