SWEDEN: More details of Melodifestivalen 2018


Swedish broadcaster SVT has revealed more details of Melodifestivalen 2018.

The six cities hosting the four semi-finals, the second chance and final have been announced, and if you’re planning on attending them all, you’ll soon rack up those miles around Sweden. The venues and dates are:

Semi-final 1 – Karlstad – 3 February

Semi-final 2 – Göteborg – 10 February

Semi-final 3 – Malmö – 17 February

Semi-final 4 – Örnsköldsvik – 24 February

Second chance – Kristianstad – 3 March

Grand Final – Stockholm – 10 March

Some 2,771 songs have been submitted to SVT, and 32 will make it to the televised stages starting in Karlstad. Kristianstad is also hosting a Melodifestivalen show for the first time.

Sweden has six wins under its belt, most recently with ‘Heroes’ in 2015. However, with six top-five finishes in the last seven ESCs, who’s to say a seventh win (equalling Ireland) isn’t on the cards. In Kyiv, Robin Bengtsson came fifth with ‘I can’t go on’.

Are you going to see any of the MF shows? What excites you most about them? Have you been before? And what are your favourite Swedish MF songs that have not represented their country in Eurovision?

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, SVT, Youtube

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