Did Not Qualify

#IRELAND: Brendan: I’m gonna take it on the chin

As you will have seen on Thursday night, Brendan Murray was not one of the lucky ten acts to make it through to Saturday night’s Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Ireland managed to get this quote from Brendan on his experiences this year.

We also got some words from Irish Head of Delegation Michael Kealy.

Do you think Brendan should have qualified? What should RTÉ do next year? Tell us what you think.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, Rayna Connery RTÉ

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  1. Is it really worth doing a postmortem on this? The powers that be at RTE don’t care. They hold the power of Ireland’s Eurovision hopes entirely in their hands and have demonstrated time and time and time and time again that they just DON’T CARE. It’s a thoroughly reprehensible way for an active EBU member to treat its hard-won record at this contest, to be so smugly cavalier about the whole thing, to blithely flush three hundred grand of license fee money down the drain on a fool’s errand every May. It’s sickening in fact. But it’s pointless giving out. It won’t change. RTE won’t change. The dismal results will continue.
    It’s a sad day.


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