Eurovision 2017



On March 5th Romania will decide their representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

The final will be in Bucharest at one of TVR’ studios and will be broadcasted live via TVR 1, TVR International and TVR HD.

Ten acts will compete for the chance to wave the Romanian flag this May in Kyiv.

The running order was decided and it is as follows:

  1. Cristina Vasiu – Set the skies on fire

     2. Ramona Nerra – Save Me

     3. Instinct – Petale

     4. Eduard Santha – Wild child

     5. Tavi Colen & Emma – We own the night

      6. Ilinca  feat. Alex Florea – Yodel It!

      7. Maxim feat. Nicolae Voiculeț – Adu-ţi aminte

      8. M I H A I – I won’t surrender

      9. Ana Maria Mirică – Spune-mi tu

      10. Xandra – Walk On By

We want to know who is your favourite from Selectia Nationala so be sure to vote in the poll below!

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: TVR, Eurovision Ireland

















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  1. Please not that pile of shite that has been dressed up as some sort of song thinking it is relevant to music today. Yodel it is a complete load of crap. There is Nothing redeeming about. It will serve as nothing more than to have many viewers laugh at it and ridicule the contest even more (that and the stupid gorilla dancing, simply no need for it).
    While I appreciate Miss Yodel can actually sing her yodelling well, it’s still rubbish As for that woeful attempt at being ‘urban’ and current with that preposterous rap – ugh, just stop, please it’s painful to listen to. The whole thing is an embarrassment and should be sent to to the bin never mind Kiev.
    Ana maria, Mihai or Instinct ftw.

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