#UKRAINE : O.TORVALD wins the ticket to Kyiv



The Ukranian national final 2017 has just finished, and  O.Torvald have been declared the winner with the song ‘Time  ‘ .

The competition was close as they were 2nd in the Jury votes, They were also 2nd in the public vote. There was atie with Tayanna who won the Jury vote but came third with the public. Both had 10 points overall but the winner was chosen due to higher votes in the public vote.



Here is the Final performance.

How do you think it will do in Kyiv in May?

Good luck to Ukraine

Author : Andrew Main

Source :NTU , Eurovision Ireland


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  1. I’d rather have Tayanna.
    There’s a not a whole lot wrong with this, just isn’t my thing. When I get the ESC CD, this’ll be one to skip, and it’s not going on my ipod.

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