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#SLOVENIA : Live blog of EMA Final 2017- JOIN US from 20:00 CET



 from 20:00 CET!!!

Slovenia– Join us today at 20:oo CET for our LIVE rolling blog of the Final of EMA 2017 where 8 acts will compete for the golden ticket to Kiev and  go on to represent their country in Eurovision 2017. The Final  is being beamed live from Gospodarsko Razstavisce in Ljubljana.

You can watch the show live Live webcast via at 20:00 CET. Just refresh our page here to get the views, comments and points of view from Andrew Main who you will know from previous musings  here at Eurovision Ireland and his sparkling charm and witty repartee should keep you entertained… or bored to hell, who knows!!


The 8 Acts tonight are :

Sell Out – Ni panike

Nuška Drašček – Flower in the snow

Tim Kores Kori – Open fire

Nika Zorjan – Fse

KiNG FOO – Wild ride

Omar NaberOn my way

BQL – Heart of gold

Raiven – Zažarim


If you click on the song titles you can watch the Semi Final performances.

The winner will be chosen by a public vote(50%) and 6 regional juries(50%). Soon we will find out who will succeed in taking on the Slovenian golden ticket from ManuElla who failed to qualify for the Grand Final last year.


So sit back and get ready for Andrew to give you his spin on tonight’s offerings from Slovenia – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE for the up to date comments – at your own risk!


And we are off and the show begins with ManuElla doing a reprise of her song from last year.

Then the hostesses introduce all the artists onto the stage and they walk into the green room which is in front of the stage. Now the 3 hostesses are singing us a song, Quite uptempo and very Swedish really.

The hostesses then go round all the artists making comment I clearly do not understand. But it all looks like pat in the back stuff really.

Song 1 – Sell Out – Ni panike

Sellout is clearly Slovenian for Madness. This is ska rock at its almost best. It is a fun song with a nice feel to it. This sort of stuff was certainly big in the late 70s and whether it can get a revival in Kiev will be up to the voters tonight. I certainly wouldn’t complain as it is certainly better than a lot of songs already chosen. It also has an interesting break or false ending then kicks back to life, Nothing better than to fool or panic the audience.


Song 2 – Nuška Drašček – Flower in the snow

Nuska up next and her almost haunting ballad that kicks into gear at the end of the first verse. Her style of vocal is certainly different for me, not unpleasant but different. Its not a bad song really with a bit of an oomph to it. Yes I wouldn’t object to this one winning either.


Song 3 – Tim Kores Kori – Open fire

After an ad break we are onto one of the favourites tonight from Tim. Lots of fire in the song which clearly fits the title. This is a high energy rock style song which is clearly going to do well. Great visuals using the backdrop and a good rocky vocal too. We also get an effect where his hand lights up with fire and he throws it onto the drums which also light up. Neat! I like this for sure .


Song 4 – Nika Zorjan – Fse

You can never have enough shocking pink hair at Eurovision and Nika has it in bucket loads.  A rousing song with a good beat to it. She has a good vocal nice and confident. Whether it has enough going for it to do well at Eurovision we shall have to see.


Song 5 – KiNG FOO – Wild ride

A long break now before the next song comes on. I like this song but am not sure I like the vocals. It is a moody song with a band feel to it. Quite rocky at times then it falls back to being quite light too. A mixture that seems to work but the vocals let it down a bit for me. Not a winner methinks.


Song 6 – Omar Naber – On my way

A veteran of Eurovision up next and Omar is still looking and sounding good. Now this is more like a rousing swirling ballad with a strong vocal performance. This would not be out of place in Eurovision of 10 years ago. But you know what I think this would also work this year, among lots of ballads a powerful male ballad will stand a good chance. It has a good key change too and is very memorable. I think this is the best of the night.


Song 7 – BQL – Hearof gold

Two pretty younger guys on next calling themselves BQL. One on a guitar the other on the piano. A decent song  sure and a nice feel to it too. Not convinced that the vocals are on point but the song certainly has a modern enough feel to it. And they will get lots of girlies and gays voting for them.


Song 8 – Raiven – Zažarim

The last song of the Final and certainly not least. Raiven has been runner up in Ema last year so can she go one better this time?  She starts her song while playing the harp. She wears a pink and silver mirrored outfit which shines out in the spotlights. Nice effect. More shocking pink hair, clearly a shop in Slovenia had a job lot. Her song is a ballad and quite modern. Almost anthemic in feel and has a haunting feel to it too. Not bad at all.



So there we have it folks all the songs have been performed and there is certainly a varied selection and a few not half bad either. We are back in the Green room chatting to some of the singers.

So before we get to the voting who is going to win?

For me the clear winner has to be Omar Nabar followed by BQL. Also like Tim Kores and Sell Out.

The is now being explained and the phone numbers being shown on the screen. Now we get our first recap.

ManuElla on again to give us a new song which is actually better than her Eurovision entry from last year.

Time for the second recap. Now have Tony Cetinski on singing a little gentle ditty on the piano. He represented Croatia in 1994 with this song Nek’ ti bude ljubav sva. Wow Tony is fairly giving it laldy with his second song.

Now all the way from Ukraine we have Jamala reprising her winning song 1944 from last year. Still a great song despite having its knockers.

So we have the Jury votes now.

1st Jury gives 10 to Omar Naber and 12 to BQL.

2nd Jury gives 10 to Raiven and 12 to Omar Naber

3rd Jury gives 10 to Nuska and 12 to Omar Naber

4th Jury gives 10 to Nuska and 12 to Omar Naber

5th Jury gives 10 points to Nuska 12 to Raiven

6th Jury gives 10 points to Nuska and 12 to Omar Naber

Omar leads after the jury vote.

Televote comes in now.

Nuska ends on 68

Sell out on 24

Nika ends on 56

Raiven ends on 94

Omar came 2nd in Televote and wins the ticket to Kiev.

He is the first returning artist to Eurovision.

Good luck to him and Slovenia



Author – Andrew James Main

Source: Eurovision Ireland, RTV

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