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#LATVIA: Live blog of SUPERNOVA Semi Final – JOIN US from 20:25 CET

Supernova - Source LTV

Supernova – Source LTV

LATVIA– LIVE BLOG of  Supernova

Semi Final from 20:25 CET!!!

Latvia– Join us today at 20:25 CET for our LIVE rolling blog of the Semi Final of Supernova 2017 where 8 acts will compete for a place in the Final and hope to go on to represent their country in Eurovision 2017. The Semi Final  is being beamed live from LTV Studio 6 in Riga. There are four places up for grabs in the Final.

You can watch the show live here at 20:25 CET. Just refresh our page here to get the views, comments and points of view from Andrew Main who you will know from previous musings  here at Eurovision Ireland and his sparkling charm and witty repartee should keep you entertained… or bored to hell, who knows!!


The 8 Acts tonight are :

  1.  Miks Dukurs – Spiritual Priest
  2.  Lauris Valters – Magic Years
  3.  Franco Franco – Up
  4.  Santa Daņeļeviča – Your Breath
  5.  The Ludvig – I’m In Love With You
  6.  Linda Leen –  Who Is In Charge
  7.  Triana Park – Line
  8.  My Radiant You – All I Know

Four acts will advance to the Final. The first two acts will be decided by public voting. Then the Jury will pick two other acts to advance. Soon we will find out who will succeed in taking on the Latvian golden ticket from Justs who finished 15th in the Grand Final last year.


So sit back and get ready for Andrew to give you his spin on tonight’s offerings from Latvia – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE for the up to date comments – at your own risk!


Good evening from the TV studios in Riga and welcome to the Latvian Semi Final of Supernova. The running order is different from that above so bear with me.

Song 1- Linda Leen –  Who Is In Charge

Linda is on first tonight with big ballsy song and we certainly know who is in charge of her voice and oh what a voice. The song is uptempo and funky and is a real buster of a rock song too to boot. She has 4 backing singers with her and puts in a very gutsy performance tonight and must surely have a good chance of progressing to the final. We have an English speaking judge on the jury tonight. He though it was a great track and performance but wasn’t sure if an international audience would get it.


Song 2 – The Ludvig – I’m In Love With You

Well before Ludvig came on stage we were entertained by Riga Beaver doing a fab reggae rendition about saving trees. Ludvig starts this laid back song at the piano. It is a sweet song about being in love with you. After he stands up the song kicks into a groovy electronic beat which certainly enhances what would otherwise be a sweet but boring ballad. Luckily its not that bad and I know the jury like it from last time. The jury like his soulful voice and it goes well with the song but are not sure it would be memorable and catchy enough for Eurovision.


This song has a bit of a drummer beat going on and is highly repetitive and not in a good way. I wasn’t sure the first time I heard and am now very sure it is a bit boring and meh, sorry it has the potential to be a good song but actually find the lead vocals to be irritating.

Song 3 – Franco Franco – Up


Song 4 – Santa Daņeļeviča – Your Breath

A gentle haunting a ballad from Santa and it could be considered dull but what sells this for me is Santa’s voice. It is a really excellent vocal performance. Then she gives it the works and the ballad turns into a raunchy rock ballad. The best of the night so far for me. The English judge liked the layers of the song and her voice and thinks it would work at Eurovision.


Song 5 – Lauris Valters – Magic Years

A very colourful song with colourful outfits to go with it. This is a good feel good song with a nice tempo to it. Its certainly the catchiest easy listening track of the night so far. I would like to see this get to the Final.


Song 6 – Triana Park – Line

Well this song certainly wins the prize for being wackiest of the night. It is modern with a punk edge to it. It also has hints of a techno dance track element to it. The jury love it and think its the most popular online with the fans.


Song 7 – Miks Dukurs – Spiritual Priest

This is a pretty laid back guitar based track. Miks is certainly a good singer and is selling the song well. But whether this sort of song is right for Eurovision I tend to doubt it. Not even sure in this field it can make the final.



Song 8 – My Radiant You – All I Know

Before the last song we had a bit of funky beaver during the break.  My Radiant You have tried a few times before and this is certainly their easiest accessible sounding songs they have done. It is certainly catchy and memorable and I think may well get to the Final.



 So while we wait for the result to come in I can predict who I would like to see in the Final. First week I got 0/4 and last week got 2/4  so what will it be tonight. Well I think My Radiant You and Triana Park along with Santa Danelevica. The Final choice is more tricky and I will plump for Linda Leen.

The are showing the favourites on Spotify and Ludwig comes top followed by Triana Park. Franco Franco and My Radiant You are also in that top 4. But its the result of the televote and jury that counts tonight. Not long now.

All the artists are waiting on the stage while the countdown ends then we go to another final beaver break.

So on to the result. Through to the Final are Triana Park, My Radiant You, The Ludwig and Santa Danelevica.

Ok I got 3/4 tonight so I will get the right result next week I hope. Hope you enjoyed and will see you for next weeks Final. Good night.

Author – Andrew James Main

Source: Eurovision Ireland, LTV

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