Eurovision 2017

#SPAIN: Review of the Objetivo Eurovision finalists


Spain is always an enthusiastic participant in Eurovision, and with automatic entry into the Grand Final, has that extra incentive to do well. As ever, Eurovision Ireland will be running a live blog of the proceedings from Madrid on Saturday night.

Here’s a preview of the songs. Do you agree?

Manel Navarro – Do it for your lover

What would you do or your lover? Manel seems to have lots of ideas if you’re stuck. This has that summer video on the beach thing going on. In that respect it’s quite bouncy and nicely upbeat. However, it also seems like one of those songs that could have done everything it needed to in two minutes, and has been stretched for Eurovision purposes.

LeKlein – Ouch!

LeKlein won the Eurocasting concert last month, and so has already passed through a semi-final of sorts. Her song is OK. A bit breathy in places, but with a credible English singing accent. It also bounces along in a light mid-tempo sort of way. Lyric-wise, it’s the typical “don’t worry cos it’ll work out” sort of vibe going on. Nothing wrong with that of course. It could do well.

Paula Rojo – Lo que nunca fue (What never was)

Paula gives us a very bouncy folksy vibe with lots of country & western (yes, both types of music) influence. It could be a bit NAVIBANDish with the right arrangement. You could also argue that Spain is a little late to the party with this genre. Malta and the Netherlands tried it in the recent past (to mixed success), but it’s pleasant all the same,

Mario Jefferson – Spin my head

Mario gives us a Spanish song (despite the title) that could work. There’s lots of contemporary sound to it, but it could also go horribly wrong in the live environment of the Eurovision stage. I have no doubt the recorded version will be a floorfiller.

Maika – Momento critíco (Critical moment)

Maika gives us a ‘rock’ track. We’ve heard this sort of thing in Eurovision before, and it can have mixed success. Monster costumes could be a winner. Or a cyborg morphing into a pretty woman works too. Or the rock act with testosterone dripping everywhere and that overwashed Slipknot T-shirt would not work. The song is OK and might stand out amongst the mid-tempo-ness of the others.

Mirela – Contigo (With you)

Mirela is back and is as Latin as ever. It’s what you’d expect with its (annoyingly) catchy verse and chorus, the foot-tappy groove and a little repetition repetition thrown in for good measure. Yes, it might sound similar to other Spanish songs that have made it to Eurovision, but it’s better than average. Third time lucky for Ms Mirela?


Do you have a favourite from among these six songs? Tell is your views.

Spain has won the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1968 and 1969. It made them the first country to achieve back-to-back wins. In 2016, Spain’s Barei finished 22nd with the song ‘Say Yay!’.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I think that Spain will have problems in Kyiv this year – LeKlein is the best of a mediocre bunch, based on the audio alone. Maybe the staging will push one act out as a clear winner but there’s not much between any of these…

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