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#USA – #Eurovision Fans’ Guide to President #Trump


For people who aren’t Eurovision fans (I know, hard to imagine, but such people do exist! Sad, lonely people…) one of the biggest stories of recent months has been the US election and its aftermath. Just to bring you up to speed, the Republicans won and Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America on Friday – or tomorrow, for us Europeans.

For a country that doesn’t take part in Eurovision, you’d all be forgiven for not paying the slightest bit of attention to what was going on across the Atlantic. But of course, president of the US is a pretty big deal – let’s face it, it often goes by the synonym “Leader of the Free World” – so maybe now is a good moment to pay some attention.

Never one to shy away from a little controversy, Eurovision Ireland regular James has made up this handy list for Eurovision fans who’ve had more important things on their minds to help them understand Mr Trump. As well as looking at just a few of his more headline grabbing ideas, we’ll also look at what we in Europe can help teach the new president.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: As far as I am aware, NONE of these artists have voiced opinions for or against Trump at any time and I’m not suggesting their opinions either way.  It’s only a bit of satire, so don’t take it too seriously! It’s not 2016 any more, stop being so offended by everything!!!


One of Mr Trump’s most infamous campaign promises was to build a wall across the border with Mexico to stop all illegal migration into the United States. Controversial to say the least, he also suggested that the Mexican government would have to foot the bill. Oh Mr Trump… listen to Europe on this one, we’ve been there and done that… walls don’t work. Take a leaf instead from Poland and Ich Troje. Their 2003 song “Keine Grenzen – Żadnych Granic” was a plea for peace that noted borders are essentially invisible and we should be coming together, not putting up more barriers.



Continuing with divisions, certain groups within American society are concerned about what Trump’s presidency will mean for them. In particular, as Trump and his supporters have voiced opinions against the legalisation of same sex marriage, America’s LGBT community are left wondering what this could potentially mean for them. The Eurovision Song Contest is all about inclusion. We all come from different places, speak different languages and believe different things, but come together for the universality of music and our love for it. And if certain laws will be repealed, as the generally awesome Poli Genova said – if love was a crime, then we would be criminals! 😉



More recently, Trump also stated he was in favour of more nuclear weapons, especially for other countries as a means of not relying so heavily on US support. OK, why do we still even have such things?! Worryingly, there are quite a few Eurovision songs that are allegedly about nuclear weapons. I almost included “Push The Button” from Israel in 2007 here, but didn’t want it to be mistaken for an instruction. Instead, Finland’s Kojo might have the right idea with “Nuku Pommiin” from 1982 – just sleep through nuclear catastrophe and it’ll all be ok… possibly…


So there you have it. Now that we’re all caught up on politics and can consider ourselves informed, we can get back to what really matters – eagerly counting down to Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv and eagerly awaiting Eurovision Ireland’s upcoming live blogs – coming to you very soon, so watch this space!!

One final thought for you all: Did this song predict the future? Was it really donuts or döner? Or was it Donald all along? 😉


Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Business

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