Eurovision 2016

IRELAND ’17: Act Announced TONIGHT!!!

Tickets for the The Late Late Show Eurosong Final. Photo : RTE

During tonight’s edition of The Late Late Show, the Irish act for the Eurovision Song Contest will be announced. Further more, Louis Walsh has had the task of picking the act that will be participating.

All we know so far is the act will be male – possibly a soloist or possibly a group. Louis Walsh was approached by RTE to guide and mentor the 2017 entry. Nicky Byrne failed to make the final this year in Stockholm.

Source: Eurovision Song Contest

Don’t forget to tune in to The Late Late Show at 21:35GMT tonight on RTE. International viewers can watch the broadcast HERE.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Irish Mirror

Video Source: Eurovision Song Contest

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  1. FFS! Is there no way we can be rid of this half-wit of a man once and for all? Seriously he is an idiot and his relevance to music has long since gone. Michael Kealy should stand aside, he has no idea when it comes to Eurovision and his allowing Louis Walsh to hijack the contest (again) is nothing but laziness and reeks of nepotism. Shame on him and RTE and I hope to goodness we come last in the SF and Sweden takes our record. It’s nothing more than that shower of cretins deserve. Am livid.

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