Eurovision 2016

IRELAND ’17: Brendan Murray to KYIV!!!

Tickets for the The Late Late Show Eurosong Final. Photo : RTE

In one of RTE’s worst kept secrets in recent times, Brendan Murray has been announced as the 2017 Irish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest tonight on The Late Late Show. RTE has now started a search for the song that Brendan Murray will represent Ireland with.

Brendan Murray is from Tuam in County Galway and is a member of the boyband Hometown. Both Hometown’s debut single in 2014 and their follow up in 2015 went straight to number one.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: RTE

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  1. I think Brendan its a very interesting choice for Eurovision 2017.I also believe it was a very clever choice too by Louis.Several comments have been made about Brendan’s vocal range, but I feel he has a unique style,and is a very good vocalist as well.What ever happens in eurovision.I think romantic love songs could be the way forward for him.Good luck Brendan and Louis.

  2. Sigh. It’s times like this that I understand why I don’t hold as much love for Eurovision as I once did, because when the national broadcaster goes out of its way year after year to demonstrate that it couldn’t care less about Ireland’s fortunes in the contest, then why should I or anybody else bother to care either?

    RTE – Please go do to yourself what you’ve been doing to Ireland’s Eurovision chances for the last twenty odd years. And take the insufferable Louis Walsh with you while you’re at it.

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