#Belarus – Angelika “Regardless of nationality, race or religion: We should be together!” #TheInterview

angelikaAnother contender for representing Belarus at Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv 2017 (and  from our top 3 predictions ) – Angelika Pushnova – was kind enough to accept talking with us and this is what she told us:

Thank you so much for accepting this interview!
First of all, congratulations! What was your reaction when you found out you were in the finals?

Thank you!

Eurofest is the next stage in my creative life. When I heard that I am a finalist, I jumped and screamed loudly from the top of my lungs!  Of course I wanted to be in the final selection and I’m glad that it happened.

When you discovered your passion for singing and why Eurovision?

I had my first experience on the stage at a very young age. At only 6 years old I was singing in the “Coloring” studio. Next followed a long journey and hard work for the development of my vocal prowess. Eleven years I was the leading vocalist of a children group “Boring age” (Sukhomlina Natalia Mikhailovna). For a long time I was a welcome guest at concerts and I even performed at concerts where the government and the head of the state of the Republic Of Belarus attended. Even though I had lots of performances, that did not affect my studies and I can proudly say I finished (perfectly) the studies at the piano music department and choral singing.

Eurovision is one of the most important stages in the artist’s life. It contributes not only to one’s recognition in Europe, but also in gaining confidence in a “job” that we love to do: singing!

That was an impressive bio. I can tell you’re passionate about singing. What is your favorite Eurovision Song?

I watch Eurovision every year and choose my favorites. I have lots of songs from the contest in my playlist.  Most of all I love Loreen with her “Euphoria”.
Can you tell us 3 things about you that people might not know?

I like to help people. I never give up. I like animals. 🙂
And about your song “We should be together”, can you tell us it’s story?

My song is about love. About a love that knows no boundaries and barriers.

I want people to stop being afraid and to open their hearts to each other! Don’t be afraid to love!

Regardless of nationality, race or religion: We should  be together!

That’s a great message! What would it mean to you to represent Belarus at Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

It would be a great honor to represent our nation and to prove to the world that Belarusians can also sing and write good songs!

How can your fans get in touch with you?

Through the social networks! Facebook, instagram, twitter.
And last, what would you like to transmit to our readers and fans here on

I sing for you and hope it brings you joy! Thank you for your support!

Thank you Agelika and good luck!

Belarus will be selecting their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on January 20. Will you be rooting for Angelika?

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Instagram

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