#SWITZERLAND: Die Entscheidungsshow finalists


Swiss broadcaster SSR SRG Idée Suisse has revealed the finalists for Die Entscheidungsshow in February. As you know, this has become the annual event to select the Confederations representative for Eurovision. For the fifth year, six songs will be up for the prize of two weeks in Kyiv. But who are they?

  • Freschta – ‘Gold’
  • Ginta Biku – ‘Cet air la’ (This air is…)
  • Michèle – ‘Two faces’
  • Nadya – ‘The fire in the sky’
  • Shana Pearson – ‘Exodus’
  • Timebelle – ‘Apollo’

Look upon these videos as ‘unplugged’ versions, which will undoubtedly be nicely polished by the final.

The final will take place on 5 February 2017 in Zürich. The winner will be chosen solely by a televote. If you’re in Switzerland, it’ll be on SRF Zwei.

Switzerland has registered two wins in the Eurovision Song Contest. Lys Assia won the inaugural event in Lugano in May 1956, beating 13 other songs with ‘Refrains’. Québecoise Céline Dion won in Dublin in 1988 with ‘Ne partez pas san moi’. Can they manage a third win in Kyiv?

Do you have a favourite from amongst the final six? Which do you think the Swiss public will go for? Tell us your views.

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Author: John Stanton

Source: SRF Music, Eurovision Ireland




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