#JESC Armenia

JESC 2016 Day 3 review from outer space!!! – or my house ;)

thunderbird_5So Day 3 in the Junior Eurovision mothership has meant more SMS from Andrew and Richard who are “living la vida loca” in the MCC. And me? – I’m sat on Planet Work having arguments with people!! – It’s just like being at a Eurovision!!


Sadly no one has got to her and she is still wearing the horrific dress, TVP OI, NO.

This song is class and sounds better now I have a decent mix (Thanks Wiwi!).  There is not a lot going on here visually it seems, with minimal choreography, but blimey Olivia’s voice is damn strong and she wrings every note out of this ballad.  She emotes well and despite there being a plethora of words in the verse, usually the death knell for songs, she skips over them with a lightness of voice that is fantastic.  This is strong and despite reservations about the draw and the language, this *has* to be in with a massive shout.


This, to me, has improved significantly, but not enough from my original thoughts back on Tuesday.  There are lots and lots of holes in this song for me. The lack of words, the trying to be Destiny but failing vibe that the song gives off, the lack of an ending *or* indeed a parachute means that I feel totally underwhelmed by this.  It will pick up votes, but its struggling not through lack of effort by Christina, but by what they, the songwriters,  have lumbered her with.  She doesn’t engage me in the first 30 seconds of the song, something all good songs have to do.  Sorry.

FYR Macedonia

Now, I know a couple of members of the Macedonian delegation will be reading this (hi Roy and Russell!!) – but I don’t need to sugar coat this.  This is good.  For me, it’s on a par with Israel and Poland in this half of the rehearsals as the ones that will be mopping up all of the votes.  It’s sung excellently, well performed and staged.. something that can not be said of other songs in this contest or past Macedonian entries.  Someone, somewhere, has listened to all the constructive criticism the internet has been giving over the years and a diamond has come out of the rough.   To use a phrase that is down with the kids, Martija “slays” this song. Looks down the camera, comfy, vocally excellent.  This will be there or thereabouts I think.


This is still absolutely brilliant. Bearing in mind I had not heard any of the songs before writing the reviews on Monday, this is the one that has resonated with me the most.  It’s arguably the most “Adult Eurovision” song in the contest.  It has that familiar lilt of an israeli ballad and it is performed impeccably by Tim ( with the help of Shir) for most of the song, apart from the odd harmony that is a bit off around the keychange but they soon sort that out.

There has been some chatter around the Interwebs about what they are wearing and that Tim is the problem with this song and that the formula is too sweet.  It’s a duet, it’s supposed to be sweet for heavens sake!! – Yes, its not suitable for Diabetics, but it has enough to be Top 5.

The Netherlands

On Tuesday I appear to have called this ” Underwhelming Nonsense” and, to be fair, that may have been a bit harsh… on nonsense!

The girls have got rid of those ridiculous outfits with words on them and have replaced them with what appears to be equally ridiculous newspaper inspired clothes but failing that it really could be something out of the MiniPops 1982 back catalogue and, for me, neatly sums up what the public think is wrong with the contest.  They believe its precocious stage school kids prancing about singing light bits of pop, The Netherlands have done nothing to dispel this.  It’s not fun, it’s annoying!! – The girls can sing, but there is too much wrong with the whole look and outlook and where this song is pitched for it to do much business on the scoreboard.

George is not a natural mover.  In fact you can almost see him counting to 8 in Greek in his head as he dances like Peter Crouch after scoring a goal.  That said, however, the song is a strong dancefloor filler… if there was a floor to fill.  He certainly gives it energy but the more I look at it, the more forced it becomes, and that’s a shame considering that I praised it.  I hope the mix is better on the TV and it looks better on the right cameras because it’s just not giving me the wow factor it did on Tuesday.

From one that disappoints, to one that remains constantly good.  The Boys of EI only had my word to go on from Tuesday and now they have seen it, they seem to agree with me.  This is good, very good.  Zena knows where the cameras will be and sings nicely.  The down side is that the song does take a good long time to build into that thumping crescendo that all of the good songs have and that might be its undoing.  It’s not instant enough but Zena should improve on Irelands performance from last year.  Oh, one thing? – that dress? Have you got time to change it?

This is a real disappointment for me.  Italy are flattering to deceive once again.  Fiamma has that annoying kinda voice that makes you want to turn off in about 25.35 seconds.  She could be singing the best song in the world but when she opens her mouth, that ruins everything for me.  If she’s lost the audience at that point, there is no other hope for the rest of the song.  I’m struggling to see where this will be getting its votes from.  It *should* be the right kinda song for sweeping shots and lots of closeups….. but I’m afraid her voice is not suited to this song.

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