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JESC ’16: Day 4 Rehearsals Rolling Blog


Andrew and I are here to bring you all the action from today’s rehearsals here in Valletta and the second half of the participating nations. If you don’t know the drill, come back from 10:00CET/09:00GMT and refresh the page on a regular basis for all the updates.



RICHARD: Alexa is in her stage costume for this set of run throughs. It’s a nice sparkly blue number and works well against the background. Alexa appears to be more animated as well, so some choreography seems to have been added since Tuesday. This is a huge improvement.

ANDREW: I am watching from my sick bed in the hotel with a head cold so will review all mine today based on Wiwibloggs videos as they are published. A solid looking start for Australia but also here it was done on playback because Alexa also has a sore throat. I can only therefore judge it visually and it certainly looks a bit more polished. But whether it will threaten the top of the scoreboard I am not so sure.


RICHARD: Dunja’s performance hasn’t exactly changed much which really is a big disappointment from my point of view as it had so much to give. Still aimlessly going around on her hoverboard doesn’t add anything to the show – something I can’t see the adult juries going for. She now has a sparkly silver jacket which makes her slightly look like a ring master at the circus.

ANDREW: Yes I agree with Richard this song is really not going anywhere. The hover board is fine as she goes all over the stage but I feel detracts from a potentially good song. I think Danja’a concentration is certainly not 100% on singing the song. I feel a mid table position beckons.


RICHARD: After a few sound issues to begin with, Mariam carried off this classic, nostalgic entry. Hopefully, she won’t feel too disheartened with the technical issues from the rehearsals and go out and really enjoy Sunday. This is the sort of entry the adult juries will favour.

ANDREW: A great performance from Mariam and singing last after a few uptempo song this will stand out a mile. I agree adult juries and the celebrity juries should love this but whether the kids ones do we shall see. But I think it is in with a good chance of finishing even top 3.


RICHARD: The camera work needs more work doing to it – it was ok on Tuesday so I don’t know why changes were required. The black and white costumes stayed the same, but the brighter costumes are enhanced with some bling. What was a near-polished performance has sadly been hampered. Vocally great though.

ANDREW: Yes this is vocally fine and the song is no doubt catchy with some big notes that the girl are hitting. But the backdrop and costumes as well as the dancing are a bit meh to my taste. It will still do quite well though probably upper half of scoreboard.



RICHARD: We are currently running about an hour behind schedule here at the moment due to Armenia coming back for a few more run throughs. When Lidia performs “Magical Day”, it really seems she is having a magical time on stage. Whether BNT would host the event again if they won, would be another question considering they only hosted last year.

ANDREW: This is truly a magical sweet performance from Lidia. She is so small and young but more than makes up for it with her great voice and catchy ballad. She appears to ooze confidence and seems to be looking constantly into the cameras. Not a great starting position in the first half but coming on after Malta will greatly enhance this in the juries memories.


RICHARD: Alexander has nailed this performance and I can’t see any more reasons for polishing touches. Both he and his backing dancers start on the floor before taking to the hoverboards. The use of the hoverboards don’t happen until halfway through and are utilised properly – unlike Serbia. Unfortunately, this will show Serbia up in regards to the whole use of hover boards.

ANDREW: This is another fun and energetic colourful performance from Belarus. Alexander and his dancers are very confident and they have the right mix of dance then use of the hover boards. This is on 11th in the running order and will stand out sandwiched between Poland and Ukraine. Belarus could surprise some with another good finish.


RICHARD: Klesta has improved since we last saw her on Wednesday for her first rehearsal. Her loud screechy notes have been reigned in and sound more in tune with the music. This will help improve her chances. Klesta is still cute as always.

ANDREW: Cute is certainly the buzz word here. The screechy notes have certainly almost gone and this is a more measure performance from Klesta. However I do not see this threatening the left hand side of the scoreboard but it may actually avoid last place now. But its 3rd position in the draw is doing her no favours at all.


RICHARD: For me, nothing has changed in terms of performance value and it is more of the polishing touches of camera work. My concern, along with others sitting here in the Press Centre today, is with so many ballads in the show, where will Ukraine sit in the standings?

ANDREW: It certainly is an accomplished enough ballad, the vocals are fine and the mime artists and umbrellas add another dimension to it. Whether this all contributes to a full winning package I am not so sure. Also position 10 in the running order isn’t that great and its possible another ballad from Italy right after it could overshadow it.


RICHARD: Russia haven’t had to change anything and like others today were polishing the technical aspects of the performance. The fascinating armography remains at the end of the song, which ends the whole stage show on a high.

ANDREW: What a way to finish the rehearsal schedule. This song is simply stunning. Lots of arm movement and the harmonies combined with the movement from the girls is simple but so effective. The arm heart at the end is a lovely way to finish the routine. Top marks for me. The fact it is on 4th may seem like a hindrance but given its sandwiched between two far inferior song in Albania and Malta with totally enhance its chances. Top 3 for me if not the win.


And there is more to come tomorrow on Eurovision Ireland…

Don’t forget to join Phil tomorrow morning as he reviews today and he has already reviewed the shenanigans of yesterday from the mother ship hovering over Europe somewhere.

Do you agree with our views from above or do you think we’ve missed something important out? You know what to do, just comment below.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Videos courtesy of Wiwibloggs.

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