#ASIA: More Asiavision Details Revealed


During the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm and during this past week, more details have been announced surrounding the organisation of the proposed Asiavision Song Contest. SBS of Australia were awarded the license to arrange this event, with the first been held in Sydney next year.

Rumoured Date

Although a provisional date has yet to be released by SBS, there is a strong rumour that the event will take place during March 2017 – therefore could the winner be a guest at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

Participating Nations

A number of broadcasters have already been approached over the event – these include: China (CCTV/Hunan Television), Hong Kong (RTHK), Indonesia (RTVI), Japan (NHK), Mongolia (Mongolian National Broadcaster), Sri Lanka (MBC/Capital Maharaja Organisation) and South Korea (KBS). Paul Clarke of SBS revealed to ESC Daily that 12 participating nations are the initial aim for 2017 – with 68 participating nations eligible to take part – meaning semi finals in future years possibly.

Reference Group

Broadcasters from China, Japan and South Korea, as well as a potential one from India are working with SBS to form a Reference Group for the event. Just like the Eurovision Song Contest, the Reference Group will decide the rules of the Contest.

Are you looking forward to the inaugural Asiavision Song Contest next year? Will China back off from the Eurovision Song Contest with the introduction of this event? Let us know your opinions below in the comments area.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix World

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