Eurovision 2016

REPORTS : Ukraine Should Seek European Investors For Eurovision 2017 in Kiev

Jamala Wins Eurovision - Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Jamala Wins Eurovision – Photo : Eurovision Ireland

With the pride of wining Eurovision also comes the responsibility and expense of hosting the contest.

Eurovision has grown into a massive event and with 3 live shows to broadcast, it is a challenging event for seasoned hosts like SVT.

So how will NTU cope with the expense and challenges?

Reports in Eastern European Media have claimed today that “Minister of Culture Evgeny Nyschuk suggested that Ukraine should draw upon European investors to provide funding for next year’s Eurovision song contest in Kiev”

According to the minister, the state budget will not cover the organization of the event.
“We need to bring in European experts, for Stockholm has set a high standard. This standard requires tremendous financial injection.”


It is important for Ukraine to promote their country on an international stage. Nyschuk went on to say

“It is important for the image of Ukraine to organize the show properly. We need to show that it is safe to travel here and that one can invest In Ukraine”.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : sputniknews



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