Eurovision 2016

IRELAND : Our Second Eurovision INTERVIEW With Mr. ‘Sunlight’ aka Nicky Byrne

Nicky 2

Nicky Byrne brings us plenty of ‘Sunlight‘ wherever he goes and today we got yet ANOTHER Eurovision interview with the man himself following his second rehearsal in Stockholm today.

Yes it’s a hard life hanging out with Nicky but someone’s gotta do it! We spoke about how his rehearsals are going and like a true Dublin man (they don’t come better than us) he explained it all in the form of a game of football.


In case you missed our longer interview that we published yesterday with Nicky then fear NOT. You can catch it HERE.

How did Nicky do in his second rehearsal today at Eurovision – Read HERE.

Remember Nicky is performing in Semi Final 2 that takes place on Thursday May 12th and he will be singing song #7 called ‘Sunlight’ – just in case you didn’t know!

Secondly Nicky’s Debut album – also called ‘Sunlight’ – is released TODAY! You can download your copy HERE

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Editor : John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. I’m sooooooooo proud of Nicky!! He finally nailed it. This was perfect! Great! He definitely gets my 12 points from Holland❤️

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