Eurovision 2016

IRELAND : Nicky Byrne INTERVIEW – The Pre-Stage Rituals, His New Music to Mariah Carey



Will Nicky Byrne qualify for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016? Well the ‘Sunlight’ singer talks us through his hopes for the contest, his new album and some never known secrets that you may not know about the former Westlife singer and tv/radio presenter. Don’t you just hate over achievers PLUS he is a darn nice guy too!

We made sure to ask some of your hundreds of #AskNickyByrne questions too and let’s just say that he was not shy in spilling the beans and giving you an insight into what makes the Irish Eurovision hopeful tick.

Ok before you sit back for our 40 minute interview with Nicky, here are a few essentials that you need to remember! Nicky is performing in Semi Final 2 that takes place on Thursday May 12th and he will be singing song #7 called ‘Sunlight’ – just in case you didn’t know!

Secondly Nicky’s Debut album – also called ‘Sunlight’ – is released TODAY! You can download your copy HERE

You can also get the single ‘Sunlight’ now and let us tell you there are 2 dance remixes that are #AMAZING of the song and yours truly has the DJ’s at Euroclub here in Stockholm playing them!

In case you haven’t seen it yet – here is Nicky yesterday performing an acoustic version of ‘Sunlight’ with #TeamIreland at the Ambassador’s residence in Stockholm. We are spoiling you! So in return we would love it if you could like our interview with Nicky, Drop us a comment under the video on YouTube, Share it with your fellow #Sunlighters and subscribe to our YouTube channel. It would make our day 😉

Remember tomorrow Nicky will have his Second Rehearsal at Eurovision so make sure to tune into us here and on Youtube and Periscope where we will have his performance!

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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Very enjoyable interview … he seems to have a very good attitude to this … wish him well. No disaster if the qualification to final does not happen … it should of course, the song is strong enough to do so, but this is Eurovision after all 😉 Good luck Nicky!

  2. BRILLIANT! What a pure genuine person Nicky is … Even if I am not irish … I so want him to do well, cause that it what he deserves … and his new Album “Sunlight” is just outstanding!

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