Eurovision 2016

IRELAND : What was the verdict on Nicky Byrne’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2016?


Can Nicky Byrne qualify for the final of Eurovision 2016?

Today we got to see Nicky’s second performance of ‘Sunlight’ here at Globen in Stockholm. You can see our video of his rehearsal below but how did it look and sound on the tv screens in the Press hall as that is what you will be watching and voting on at home next Thursday as he takes to the stage in Semi Final 2.


Nicky is back and he gave another assured rehearsal performance. There’s good interaction with the camera and it’s balanced by performing to the audience that will undoubtedly be bopping along to this next Thursday. The band behind Nicky are at a respectable distance, yet add to the overall effect and help where some other acts are alone on stage and appear to be quite lost. ‘Sunlight’ has a nicely refreshing modern sound that should go down with the televoters at home as well as the juries. My only concern is that this is going to be a bloodbath of a semi-final, and several likely qualifiers will fall by the wayside. All we can do is hope that Nicky can give a similar performance to this both next Wednesday at the jury semi-final, and on Thursday night for the televoters.



In case you missed it – we caught up with Nicky where he told us about his journey to Eurovision and some great stories from the past – we even get a Mariah Carey impersonation!


How did the other contestants perform today in Semi Final 2 rehearslas? You can find out HERE

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Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, OGAE

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