POLL : Who should host Eurovision 2017 based on the Top 5 Betting Odds? Pros & Cons from Fans

Who should host Eurovision 2017 based on the Top 5 Betting Odds-

Eurovision 2016 kicks off next Monday when rehearsals begin in Stockholm. 5 countries have dominated the betting odds for the last 4 weeks and if you are like us – your travel plans for the year are centred around who wins the contest.


Russia, France, Australia, Sweden and Malta have convinced people to part with their hard-earned money in the betting odds. So what country would you like to spend Eurovision 2017 in? We thought we’d open a poll to get your thoughts but not before we looked at some of the on-line pros and cons that we have seen people discussing on each of the 5 countries.


Sergey Lazarev will bring his hotly tipped ‘You’re The Only One’ to Stockholm. Fans of the contest have been crying for Lazarev to represent Russia for many years. The release of his entry was much-anticipated and his collapse on stage early in the month sent the internet into meltdown. However what have fans been saying as the Pros and Cons of Eurovision being held in Russia in 2017?


  • We would be off to Sochi should Russia win Eurovision. The city is the jewel in the crown of modern Russia and hosted the recent Winter Olympics. What a setting for the contest that would be!
  • Huge stadiums are already built and look stunning. You could still use the luge run in the summer – sign me up!
  • One could expect a truly amazing television show if 2009 was anything to go by. Sorry the rest of the world as this time Russia would probably use every LED screen on the planet – bring your shades!
  • We would be on the coast of the Black Sea so a chance to top up the tan while you are there too. Tan lines are a NECESSITY so I am sorry for all you naturists out there!
  • Accommodation would be no problem as the city has the Olympic Village and countless hotels following on from the Winter Olympics. Deals to be had and you could be sleeping in a Gold Medalists bedroom!
  • Could you imagine the size of Euroclub if it was say in the curling arena – ice floor optional!


  • Getting to Sochi would not be easy to do. You could be spending a lot of time in airports on transfers. Jetting in just for the final could be a tiring affair.
  • Currency – exchange rates and then trying to make sure you spend all your money in Sochi could leave you looking too closely at your purse strings and we all don’t like being reminded of what we have spent!! I’m still paying off Copenhagen. I’ll look at Vienna’s expenses next year!
  • Ok – One has to speak of the elephant in the room. We have seen since 2014 that Russian artists at the contest have been booed (which I think is unfair). However fans from the LGBT community have expressed their concerns about visiting Russia on the grounds of principles and security based on the country’s LGBT legislation. I’m only repeating what I have read on social media so don’t shoot the messenger or ANYONE for that matter!
  • Would Russia hosting the contest mean that the contest would be dominated by the foreign press asking about LGBT and Political issues and the music would play second place? That would not be fair to either Russia or the competing artists!
  • Are you ready to have all your food served with a healthy serving of caviar? #JustSaying


Overall if Russia was to win you would have a strong pop song from a likable and accomplished singer and could make Eurovision 2017 the opportunity to literally #ComeTogether



The singing dentist and über Mr Nice guy Amir, has been winning hearts and OGAE votes across Europe with his Eurovision entry. It has been some time since there has been such well founded confidence and optimism in a French entry. Most of the viewers of this year’s contest will not have been born when France last won the contest back in the 1970’s. So what have fans been saying as the Pros and Cons of Eurovision being held in France in 2017?


  • Style, Style and even more Style! The home of style and fashion would certainly bring some timeless chic to the contest. Maybe turn it into a Black Tie event for a year! I’d love a reason to dust off my tux!
  • France has a new delegation this year at Eurovision and it would be great to see what new innovations they could bring to the presentation of the contest.
  • The choice of city! France has amazing cities that could easily host Eurovision from Paris to Cannes you would be spoiled for choice.
  • Getting there – Well if Paris was the location of choice for Euro Disney then you know that the city is easily accessible from the 4 corners of the continent. Hey even Australia could do Paris in one flight!
  • Food – French cuisine is renowned globally and you would have to get out the elasticated waist attire because you are gonna put on some serious weight from savoury to desert delicacies tempting you on a daily basis.


  • Reading the Eurovision message boards people have raised security as a concern for them should France win the contest. Having said that security is something that all countries live with but some (and totally understandably) have raised it as something that they would have top of their list.
  • Cost – Certainly cities like Paris and Cannes could provide ample accommodation for fans to attend the contest but at what cost? How far does your Euro go in France especially in prime location cities?
  • Following on from an expensive 2016 in Stockholm would many fans be able to afford say Paris in 2017? Would I have to sell my last remaining kidney?

Having read these points raised on fan forums it would be great to see both France and Amir score well at Eurovision. It’s been some years since we have a winning Eurovision song not completely performed in English. Would be great to see another French title in the International charts, do you remember ‘Voyage Voyage’? Now I am showing my age and I don’t mean the Kate Ryan version!



We need another Aussie in the music headlines besides Kylie, Iggy Azalea and Stephan Dennis (google him). Dami Im and her Dami Army have continued the injection of fresh life into Eurovision. Guy Sebastian blew us away last year and Dami Im is set to do the same this year with ‘The Sound of Silence’. So what have fan networks been saying about an Australian win?


  • I don’t know about you but the Aussie’s passion for Eurovision is contagious. Love that they make no excuse for being competitive and they have sent 2 of their biggest names to the contest – Europe take note!
  • Their interval act calling card courtesy of Jessica Maubouy in Copenhagen was fun, tongue and cheek and showed just how Australia likes to celebrate. Could you imagine 3 live shows courtesy of SBS?
  • We’d probably get Kylie making an appearance in some form! ‘Put Your Hand On My Heart’ and tell me you would not be interested to see what Kylie would bring to possibly an interval act!
  • Let’s not forget that it was Australia who embraced Abba and really turned them into the global phenomena that they are. We need another Mega Superstar from Eurovision who dominates the charts. They have embraced Conchita and we love them for that!
  • Hosts – Well Eurovision would be the perfect time to bring back ‘Kath and Kim’. Could you imagine them hosting ‘Europe’s Favourite TV Show’! #Bonza


  • Where to host? Unfortunately if Australia were to win Eurovision we wouldn’t be off Down Under – shame! So there is the debate of who would SBS partner up with to host the contest in Europe?
  • Many have been pontificating on-line that SBS might work with NDR and host the contest in Germany. Well Düsseldorf was an amazing show but I guess we have all been there and done that and bought the t-shirt. Would we maybe prefer SBS to partner up with a Eurovision debuting broadcaster?
  • With the news that Eurovision is in plans to be transported to Asia with SBS being the pioneer of the contest to billions in Asia, would it be unfair of us to ask SBS to host 2 global Eurovision Events in 2017? Let’s not try to bankrupt our new European Eurovision family member. We need them to stay in Europe too!

Dami Im is a VERY welcomed addition to our Eurovision family and we are so glad that the betting public across Europe have fallen in love with her too! The ‘Sound of Silence’ never sounded so good!



With 6 wins under their belts Sweden are a Eurovision powerhouse from Melodifestivalen to the main event and it seems like us European’s can’t get enough of them and rightly so! Frans needs no apology as ‘If I Were Sorry’ is another great entry from Sweden. The signs are good that they could do the double this year! So what have people been saying about a 7th Swedish win?


  • SVT know how to put on a show from the live tv presentation to the Euro Village to the whole visitor experience. I sometimes think I was a Swede in a previous life!
  • From an organisational perspective it should be no problem to Papa Schlager aka Christer Bjorkman – to host Europe again in 2017.
  • There is something comforting when going to Eurovision when the entire country is Eurovision obsessed just like all of us European fans! You can let your hair down (if i had some) and release your inner Euro Diva!
  • Plenty of Cities that would want to host the contest and either Gothenburg or maybe somewhere new could bring a new vibe to the contest.
  • We could be guaranteed another year of Linda Woodruff and Petra Mede and that for me is a plus. For all of those who say they don’t like their humour – OH PLEASE!
  • Then there will be the another year of the Abba reunion rumours. They’ll never tour together again but 52 weeks of speculation is just as good!


  • Well if Sweden hosts again in 2017 that will be the 4th Scandi Eurovision in 5 years. I’d probably like a little sun on my head for a change!
  • Cost – Many people who love Eurovision and go every year have had to pull out this year just due to the expense of spending a week in Stockholm. Unless next year SVT could ensure us cheap ‘Glamping’ opportunities, then many fans might not be able to make their annual pilgrimage to the contest for a second year in a row 😦
  • Isn’t it good to share? I know Ireland had a vice grip on the contest in the 1990’s and one thinks that people felt ‘Irish Fatigue’ going back to the Emerald Isle, well I’d hate for people to think the same for Sweden, so maybe a year off from hosting might be a better long game move! They certainly don’t want an Anna Bergendahl moment as the country was in therapy after that result!

Whatever your opinion is on the phenomena that is ‘Schlager Fandom’ – consider me a life long member – we have to say ‘Thank You For The Music’ Sweden and for a very unschlager song this year from Frans.



The small island with the biggest Eurovision heart! Malta should have won Eurovision on several occasions before including back in 2002 when Ira Losco was in the eyes of many ‘robbed’ of a victory. If Malta were to win Eurovision it would be certainly be a case of #WOW! They have their A-game face on this year and here is what fans have been saying on-line why Eurovision should be in Malta.


  • The entire island would be a Eurovision paradise for the entire year of 2017! Having been there for their hosting of Junior Eurovision in 2014 the country was 200% behind the contest!
  • Could we have the first ever open aired Eurovision Song Contest? Malta hosts every year the outdoor spectacular that is ‘The Isle of MTV’ where 50 thousand plus party goers #ComeTogether for an outdoor concert. Every year it is a huge event and would certainly be innovative for Eurovision.
  • Getting to Malta is so simple! Being a massive holiday destination Eurovision 2017 would be affordable and high-class accommodation is not a problem at all! Getting a flight there is cheap thanks to airlines like Ryanair flying to the island from all over Europe at a darn low price!
  • How far does your Euro go? I ate like a king – no make that TWO kings – when I spent 3 weeks in Malta last year. Great food and wine at a fraction of the Euro price across Europe makes Malta a destination that all Eurovision fans could afford and even go for the 2 weeks!
  • PBS knows how to stage a show! Consistently every year Malta’s National Selection for Eurovision puts their larger counterparts to shame! They have hosted Junior Eurovision in 2014 and it was contemporary and fresh and they are set to do it again in November this year. So they know how to do it!
  • Now I get selfish! They have 3 pronged plugs and drive on the correct side of the road and they have 5 Nuns I want to meet again #Just Saying


  • Would Malta hosting the contest in 2017 mean a smaller venue and fewer tickets for fans? That seems to be coming up a lot on Eurovision forums.
  • Would there be a reduction in the number of community press accreditation in a potentially smaller contest?
  • Would the public transport be able to cope with a huge influx of delegations, press and fans on the island all at once?
  • Would Malta – already a huge holiday destination – be able to accommodate a massive additional influx of visitors?
  • Would a small country be able to financially cope with Junior Eurovision, MESC and Eurovision all in the space of 6 months?
  • You can’t walk down a main street in Malta without seeing a Maltese Eurovision star – would they be able to cope with the few hundred THOUSAND selfie requests from fans!


There you have it. The Top 5 in the betting odds for Eurovision 2016 and the Pros and Cons that fans have been discussing on social media over the past few weeks. What destination would you like to see Eurovision go to if this was your Top 5 in the Grand Final?

Have your say and vote in our on-line International poll. Leave a comment and share the poll with your Eurovision posse. Good to hear your thoughts as there have been many on-line.

For more info make sure to check us out on FACEBOOK, TWITTER,INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, PERISCOPE and YOUTUBE  for even more news and gossip!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall
Source: Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Great article but you do realise that you are tempting fate there – I’d love to add Serbia and Spain to that list but this is such an open year, it could be any of ten or more!

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