#Australia DAMI IM – Would love to visit Ireland-The Interview

dami im

Hello Europe, Australia calling!

After placing 5th last year with the amazing Guy Sebastian, Australia wants to do it  “tonight again”. See what I’m doing here? 🙂

Millions of fans from all over the world will be watching as the singer Dami Im will try to bring Australia’s first ever Eurovision win.

Dami Im will compete on the second semi-final on May 12.

We had the pleasure of getting in touch with this lovely singer and songwriter and this is what she told us, so keep on reading!

Thank you so much Dami for accepting this interview! You are the 2nd and the first ever female to participate officially for Australia at Eurovision. What does it mean to you to represent your country this year? Do you feel more pressured to give Australia at least another top 5 performance?

It’s such an honour to be representing my country Australia at Eurovision this year! There is some pressure since Australia’s Guy Sebastian did so well last year by placing 5th in the competition. Australia went straight to the final last year but this year I have to go through the Semi Finals so there is that added pressure but I’m grateful that Australia was invited back to compete again

We want to know more about who is Dami Im. Can you tell us 3 things that people might not know about you?

  1. I love to eat! Haha
  2. I really like to cook in my spare time, especially Korean food. I love baking, but I’m not very good at it!
  3. Really enjoy spending time with my husband and exploring some of Queensland’s beautiful beaches.

dami im facebook

Dami and her husband Noah (Source: Facebook)

 What do you think is the most important thing you need in life?

The most important thing in life is definitely family. They are the people that will be there for you no matter where you are at in life. Many things change in life, but when I’m with my family I’ll always be the same girl I was when I was a child.

Can you tell us more about your song and its meaning?

‘Sound of Silence’ is about the loneliness you feel being away from someone you love. It’s also about feeling disconnected because these days we live in a world where it is easy to be connected every minute of the day but along with this connection you can feel alone and isolated.

The first time I heard Sound of Silence I knew it was the perfect song for me to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest and I can’t wait to showcase it live in Stockholm!

Sound of Silence was written by Australian hit makers DNA Songs (David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii) who have written for some of the biggest names in pop music, including Ricky Martin, Jessica Mauboy, Nathaniel, Delta Goodrem and The Veronicas.

Have you ever been to Europe? What are the places that you’d like to see from all the Continent?

I’ve been to some parts of Europe, Italy and Switzerland with my family when I was younger which were amazingly beautiful and eye opening. I’ve been to Sweden on a songwriting trip last winter. I love Europe because of its rich history and the amazing architectures that were built centuries ago fascinate me. I haven’t been to Ireland so I’d love to visit one day and see the amazing views of the cliffs and visit the castles there!

Do you have an all-time favorite Eurovision song?

It’s so hard to pick one song but my favourite act so far has been Conchita Wurst! Her voice is just incredible and is such a lovely person. I could never forget the day she invited me to perform at her concert at the Opera House in Australia. I also love ABBA and their songs, especially ‘Waterloo’.

We know your fans call themselves #DamiArmy. What message would you like to send to your fans and our readers from

I cannot wait to meet fans and all of the other contestants very soon! You are all incredibly inspiring. I hope that I can bring you some excitement and amazement from Down Under!!

Thank you so much and good luck!

Here is her special message for all the fans from Eurovision Ireland!

Author: Bogdan Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Photo source: Facebook

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