Eurovision 2016

Sir Terry Wogan’s Commentary “Totally spoiled Eurovision” – Christer Bjorkman


“Why is Eurovision considered so frivolous in Britain, Christer Bjorkman replied: “There are several reasons, one is Terry Wogan himself.”

Those are the reports in the Daily Mail (See Here) The article in last night’s paper claims that SVT’s Executive Producer singled out the late Sir Terry Wogan as one of the reasons why the contest has credibility issues in parts of Europe.

Wogan known for his comments over the years – Bjorkman said

“He raised a generation of viewers believing this was a fun kitsch show that had no relevance whatsoever. It totally spoiled Eurovision. Because of what Terry Wogan did, the UK don’t put in their best efforts.”

These words drew the attention and response of 1981 Eurovision winner Cheryl Baker who declared Bjorkman’s comments  as “disresepectful”.

Baker went on to say “Now he’s dead to disrespect him like that is awful. Terry was the face of Eurovision, to the point where other countries watched him because he was so funny, so topical, so witty and so right.”

One cannot deny that Sir Terry Wogan was/is the commentator that is most associated with the contest over its past. One cannot argue that when Sir Terry Wogan was at the height of his humorous commentary he could draw in some 20 million viewers to the BBC where last year those figures were 6.6 million.

The debate on Bjorkman’s comments has also drawn in criticism from Eurovision and Blue singer Duncan James and TV presenter Chris Tarrant.

So do you agree with the comments from Christer Bjorkman? Did Sir Terry Wogan’s comments damage the credibility of the contest? Were Wogan’s comments the reason why you tuned into the contest in the first place?

Let us know your thoughts.


Source : The Daily Mail



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  1. ‘Did Sir Terry Wogan’s comments damage the credibility of the contest?’

    Yes, for sure he did. I think Christer Björkman is right there and I don’t think he is disrespectful for telling it the way it is.
    Would Sir Terry have minded it if he was still alive ? No, I don’t think so. He could take a bit of criticism, could he ? So why one suddenly can’t say such things just because he’s dead now,
    is I think being a bit hypocrite.

    ‘Were Wogan’s comments the reason why you tuned into the contest in the first place?’

    No, not for that alone, but I liked his sense of humor very much, and I think it was the only reason for some people maybe.
    The problem is however that most people take a presenter very seriously (he has great influence): they just want to lay back and watch and don’t want to judge (think) for themselves.
    What Sir Terry said was the truth, so for those people Eurovision is kitsch now.

  2. Totally agree with Christer although his timing is off. Terry was amusing in his early years but that then became his focus rather than the competition. Sometimes he got his facts wrong too which is unforgivable for a commentator.

  3. I was entertained by Terry comments, he accurately described the political voting which took place after our military forces were deployed. THAT is what upset the eurovision committee.
    As for YOU, let the man’s name rest in peace, and crawl back under your rock.

  4. It’s true. He made the contest a joke for the UK. His xenophobic comments about other countries’ entries soured the rest of Europe against the UK. He also created this whole concept of block voting, which became a self-fulfilling prophecy. But it was ok between the UK and Ireland.

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