POLL : Who Impressed You Most Performing LIVE at the Riga Eurovision Party?


Who Impressed You Most performing LIVE at the Riga Eurovision Party?

Now as the contestants for Eurovision 2016 begin to promote their songs for the contest around Europe, we begin to see how their rehearsals have gone and could we be in for a surprise result in Stockholm.

Tonight Riga hosted 8 countries – Jüri Pootsman from EstoniaRykka from Switzerland,  ZAA from Serbia,  Poli Genova from BulgariaIra Losco from Malta,  JUSTS from Latvia and Barei from SpainLatvia, Malta, Estonia, Belarus, Switzerland, Serbia, Bulgaria and Spain.

Here is a playlist of all the performances.

So we want to know who impressed you most with their performance tonight? VOTE in the poll. Who shone the most for you?


Next stop is Moscow for their pre-Eurovision party.


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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. there were 10 countries in the Riga Eurovision party.
    If you do a poll make sure you have all participants countries,including Israel & Bosnia & Herzegovina(and also the video’s of these countries.

    As it your poll is wothless

  2. Wher is Israel on your list??? I can swear that I saw the Israeli singer yesterday on the stage… And btw- he was the best 1

  3. horrible stage and horrible sound. The singers deserved much better. Ira’s voice nearly a capella was great. Barei’s voice too. pitied the others. is it possible that Latvia had the guts to show this mediocricy to the whole of EUROPE?

  4. what a poor stage and sound offered to the singers. singers tried their best in that mediocre staging and sound.

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