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Eurovision Pre-Party to be held in Tel Aviv – Nadav Guedj was right!


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Well, he told us so in Vienna and Nadav Guedj was true to his word! Israel is going to host a Eurovision pre-party! Where, I hear you ask? Why, in Tel Aviv of course!

By now, die-hard Eurovision fans know that every April sees Eurovision pre-parties hosted across the continent. As well as being a chance for fans and contestants to mingle and have a great time, it also gives the artists a chance to generate some support for their entries as they campaign for votes on the road to Eurovision.

In the past, parties and concerts have been held in the Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom and Latvia. The party in Tel Aviv is being supported by the Israeli Ministries of Tourism and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Tel Aviv Municipality. It’s hoped the party will help increase tourism to Israel and also boost the country’s image internationally.

So Eurovision fans, here are the 2016 party dates for your diaries!

2nd April – Riga, Latvia

3rd April – Moscow, Russia

9th April – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

12th April – Tel Aviv, Israel

17th April – London, United Kingdom

While we don’t know all the contestants who will be travelling to Israel to perform just yet, we do know Israel’s 2016 contestant Hovi Star will be there – and we sure hope Nadav Guedj turns up and shows everyone what Tel Aviv has to offer!!

Are you going to any of the parties? Which would you most like to go to? Would you like your own country to host a Eurovision pre-party?

Let us know what you think!

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Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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