ROMANIA : Ovidiu Anton Will Go To Eurovision – Do you Like the Song?


Who will represent Romania at Eurovision 2016?

Tonight there was the Final of the Romanian National Selection with 6 acts competing. Missed the action then check out our LIVE BLOG.

The winner was selected by 100% Public Vote.

The winning act was deemed to be Ovidiu Anton “Moment of Silence”



We met the man himself and here is what he had to say

What do you think of the song? Can it be a winner for Eurovision?

Don’t be shy and Comment Below!

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. Now that’s a power ballad! But really, is Conan the Barbarian and his interpretive dance really necessary? What am I saying, it’s Eurovision. Of COURSE it is! 😀

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